Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Last night.

The thing I am dreading even more than unpacking is the title "the new girl."
I am not looking forward to being uncomfortable and friendless for the first couple of months. Especially since I'm coming from a ward (our congregation) filled with so many wonderful, thoughtful friends.

Last night our bestest friends threw a Goodbye Soiree for us.
Sadly, quite a few families were out of town, but it was great to see everyone who was able to come!

It was perfect.
Good food.
Good friends.
Good fun.

Jakson and his friend Maddie.My lady friends
Zak and Nate discussing life's mysteries.A cake just for us.Funny story: Somehow I missed the memo that we were going to be swimming, so didn't bring suits for the kids. Jakson watched as the other kids got ready to go swimming and threw a fit--he wanted to get in.
I snagged a swim diaper from someone and figured that he could just swim in his shorts. He refused to wear the shorts and refused to swim in just the diaper, instead he wanted to wear one of Natalie's swim suits.
At first, Zak refused to allow it (not MY boy!). After trying his hand at coercion, Zak finally gave in with a compromise that the suit was tied around Jak's waist instead of his neck. I guess that way it looks more like a Speedo than a girls suit.
Oh, the blackmail.


Anne said...

What wonderful friends. And Utah is only one state away. Lots of opportunity for visitors. I loved the swim suit story. Sounds like when Butch used to throw a fit when Ben would dig through the dress up box looking for the earings.

Shenna said...

Maddi and Jak do not look like they are only 1 day apart...thanks to Maddi being a giant. I'm sad we missed the swimming drama! Jakson looks great! :)

Amanda said...

Goodbyes are so hard! I hope everything goes very well with your move.

sewdelightful said...

Sorry we missed your party! Looks like fun!

Mandi said...

Hope all goes well with the move.

Stacy said...

Don't worry so many people move in and out up here that you only get the title for a couple of weeks. By a month, you are the old people in the ward. Strange how that works here. Can't wait to come hang out and make a fun secret trip to IKEA!! Without my husband to restrain me, how the possibilities.

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