Thursday, July 16, 2009


We're here.
And we're lonely without our AZ friends, but in one piece.

Jakson isn't holding up as well as I would like though. He's never been good with change and this move has spun his world upside down.
He now sleeps with the bedroom light on (the nightlight isn't sufficient) and asks numerous times a day to "Go home" or "Car. Natalie's house."
When I let him know that Natalie lives too far away, he runs through the names of his other friends-"Car. Carter" "Car. Maddie."-it's heartbreaking to tell him no.
He really needs a new friend.
Any takers?

I've decided that this house was definitely designed by a guy.
The kitchen has a fabulous built in spice rack, but it on the complete opposite side from the stove.
He obviously didn't do a whole lot of cooking.
And the master bathroom setup is kind of awful.
Like most moms (I think), I leave the bathroom door open so that I can make sure no one is dying while I'm in there. In this house, from the toilet I will also be able to use the universal gesture for "hold on a minute" when someone rings my doorbell.
Awesome. So convenient.

Other than that, we are settling in and I'm learning my way around.
I got a library card yesterday (I have my priorities straight) and am looking into a Lehi Rec Center membership.
I'm determined to at least be a skinny friendless person.


Baldwin's in Utah said...

What a cruel twist of fate. Like a month ago we moved from South Lehi to Springville! Hello- I totally would have been your friend= and you wouldn't have even had to be bribe me with your rockstar treats! Well if you ever want to meet in the middle in provo- we're always up for playdates. We're friendless in springville and that sucks too! Our legacy center pass just expired to or else we could have met up and gone swimming.... Email me (ilovelayers at gmail dot com) and I can tell you some cool lehi stuff to do.......

Shenna said...

Hooray, you guys are alive!!! Madison still doesn't quite understand why Jakson isn't going to playgroup anymore. She misses him! Glad you're starting to get settled in and I hope you can find a friend soon!

Covey and Justin said...

Oh Beth--I feel for you! Hopefully you will get connected with someone at the Rec center or meet someone at the park. I am sure Jackson will adjust eventually. I will be praying specifically for him, the poor guy. We may be in the same boat soon :( Hope the unpacking goes well and you can enjoy that beautiful new backyard.

Jen and Bryan said...

Is it bad that I'm not really happy for you? I'm sad you're gone. Even though I didn't see you that much it still sucks. :( But congrats on the job and the KILLER backyard that was obviously designed by a mom and NOT a dude.

Jen and Reed said...

Phew. Glad you made it safely. I'm sure you'll make friends quickly. That doesn't seem to be a hardship for you. Have a great time in your new home.

Sabrina said...

So glad that you made it okay. My heart breaks for Jakson...poor guy. He will get through it as will you. As soon as you guys have time to get out and do stuff and start some activities- he will make friends and adjust well.

~Melissa~ said...

Carter asked for Jakson on Sunday before nursery... it was so sad. We miss you guys so much. Sorry he isn't adjusting well. Hopefully with time. You will make friends.. who wouldn't like a super crafty, caring, thoughtful, funny gal with sweet and entertaining kids!?

Stacy said...

Me Me Me. I almost called you this week. Major sewing disaster!! Lets just say that I learned applique to cover up the accident. Let's play sometime soon!!

Tyler V. said...

All i have to say is that you are crying alot!! I mean come on you get to live by ME! Okay so that might be a downer but i can do the robot so that is always awesome!!! well see ya soon!

Crystal said...

I'll be home soon and I can bring you dinner or something! I know i'm not a new stranger that will turn into a friend... but it is exciting to have family around. We haven't had that really for a while. If you need anything, just let me know. I get off at 6pm every day and that won't be changing, but other than that I can help out with anything you need (except for questions on how to get around Lehi... for that I am completely useless).

edith said...

I wish that you guys quickly get used to the new environment. For kids, it's especially hard. I saw the pics of the new house, wow, it's awesome. Nice backyard. I hope the kids will utilize it a lot. Many hugs to you, stay strong Mama Beth.

Susie said...

Awww... No fun being the new kid on the block! Now that you're KIND of close by - we'll have to hang out sometime! It's been forever since I've seen you. I hope your ward gets their act together quick!!!

mikbeth said...

Wow, moving stinks. And my heart broke for you about the Wicked tickets!
But I am totally jealous of your trampoline!!!! I hope you find some good friends. You guys are so cool, how could you not? If you ever feel the need to come over to St. Louis, we'd jump at the chance to see you!

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