Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things I Will Miss: Bad Movie Night

I'm not sure how it ever started or why, but a tradition of "Bad Movie Night" began soon after we moved to Phoenix.

It's pretty self-explanatory. Basically, we get together with our friends Mandy and Nate and watch really bad movies. Most of them have been older (think 80s, early 90s), others we have stumbled upon unexpectedly in the New Release section of Blockbuster (Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan? Yeah, awful).

They are nights filled with rolling eyes, groans of disgust, memorable stupid quotes, and lots of laughs.

In case you want to start your own Bad Movie Club, two of our favorite bad movies
RAD-best known for the bicycle dance scene

Tomorrow night, as a last hurrah, we will be viewing the baddest bad movie.

The grand daddy of them all.

The movie that was (literally) voted "The Best Worst Movie of all Time"


Want to watch it too? See it here on Hulu.


j&krosser said...

I loved the movie RAD when I was litte. I thought it was so cool.--Jaden

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Never heard of either of these movies. :) What fun memories you have!

Melissa said...

How can you categorize "Rad" as a bad movie, I loved that movie! That actually sounds like a really fun idea, you're so creative!

bethany said...

I didn't realize so many of my friends had such terrible taste in movies :)

FamilyKolbaba said...

What will we do without you two? As bad movie night draws to a close, can I just say: You've introduced me to some of the worst movies I've ever seen. And I mean that as a compliment :) Sniff. Farewell bad movies, and bad quotes. "I gave you a baby tonight." ICK.

Perhaps in the future we can visit you in Utah....Who knows, there may be a Troll 3 by then!

bethany said...

I almost gave you ball bearings when Grayden was born and said, "He'll know what to do with these."

Maybe we'll get REALLY lucky and there will be a Starman 2!

Jen and Reed said...

We just saw a pretty bad movie that we were excited about viewing. It's "Taladega Nights". That os the dumbest movie ever with kras crap in it. So dumb. I was excited about it because Will Ferrell is in it. Now I'll have to screen Will Ferrel movies before getting too excited about them.

Leanna said...

hey just my luck isn't that bad! I could think of way stupider movies than that

Melissa Brown said...

I guess I should be happy I have never seen any of those movies. But if we need some good laughs I will know what to rent.
I put a link to your shops on my handmade blog :) Hope that's ok!

Crystal said...

Jon and I laughed so hard when we watched troll 2. We watched it on Halloween w/ some friends this past year and we were all dying :-)

here is another really bad movie: beach blanket bingo. maybe you've already seen it- it's a provo library special. maybe they'll have it in AZ?

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