Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A penny for your thoughts

A whole penny. We are big spenders.

I have been rescued by my lovely blog readers before and I am hoping that once again I can count on your knowledge and expertise.

Here goes---
Question #1: Does anyone know of a reasonably priced wedding photographer in Las Vegas? I know plenty in UT and AZ, but no one in Nevada and despite my blog searches have come up with nothing. Google has failed me, so now I am looking to you for help.

Question #2: I need information about living in the Salt Lake area. I'm looking for a good neighborhood with lots of kids, preferably close to a Target and grocery store, and not ridiculously priced. I realize this is a lot to ask, but any kind of advice is good advice. If you have opinions about where I SHOULDN'T look at houses, please let me know. I'm pretty familiar with Utah Valley, but once we get north of the Point of the Mountain=no idea.

And no (unfortunately), that's not an announcemeent that we're moving or have a job, it's just a possible opportunity. We are still very much unemployed (so keep praying!).

Thanks all!
Here's my email in case you'd rather advise that way-bethanycr {at} gmail {dot} com.


Veronica said...

It all depends on your price range for a house. You could live by me! We live in North Salt Lake (on the very south edge of Davis county) and love it here. We're in a huge development called Foxboro which is your typical 1/7 of an acre suburb lots. Smaller lots, but there is NOTHING but kids out here. Trust me, as the Prim pres, I know how many kids we have! Ugh...too many at times :)

BTW, Gina Messik Hill was my 5-houses-down neighbor until she moved last year. I need another fellow Houstonian to keep me company :)

Right now houses here go for about 200-300k and anything in between. A point of reference, we have a 2200 sq ft house we could sell right now for 230k. We bought it four years ago for much less :) We have a brand new elementary school being built three blocks from our house. The nearest Target is exactly 5.5 miles from our neighborhood. One of the first things I clocked when we moved in!

It's a very very good location if you work downtown or near there. Anyway, stay as far away from the west side as you can in SLC. We house hunted for over a year before deciding to biuld out here and it gets scary out that way. We have a FANTASTIC realtor you should try out if you're looking for one. Email me any time if you want more info!

Gina said...

Amen to Foxboro. Loved it. Funny Veronica says they are small lots. They seemed huge compared to what we will get here! We did most our shopping in Bountiful- and I LOVED shopping in Bountiful. New Target too!
The down side was you have to cross teh railroad tracks to get to all your shopping, but my kids loved that, so we just tried to make it a positive thing. :)
Good luck with the job hunt- hope something comes up soon!

Shenna said...

I just emailed my brother (on a mission in SLC). I think he knows a lot of the yucky areas quite well, so I'll pass on any information he gives me. :) When are you guys coming back?

Nan said...

If you find a photographer in St. George they will travel to Las Vegas for a nominal charge. We actually have a SLC based photographer traveling to CA for Whitney's wedding because it was substantially less to pay his travel expenses than to hire a CA photographer.

j&krosser said...

Hey if I can get my sis-in-law to email you- they got married in Vegas and I liked their photographer. Don't know what he charges but I will at least try to get you the info. Are you getting married again--in Vegas???

Catey said...

Can't help you on the photographer, but as far as SL Valley, Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, South Jordan are going to be Great bets. East Millcreek/Canyon Rim are great as well, but about 10-15min from a Target. : ) (but with amazing freeway access!)

Hollie said...

hey beth we have an awesome photographer in our ward here is her website she does great pictures. She did our family pictures in November and we loved them. Good luck with the jpb hunt. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tasha said...

I know you don't know me, but I love to stop by and read your blog ever since you were spotlighted on another blog for your slings. Since you are asking about a photographer in Vegas that is reasonable I do have a suggestion. My brother in law lives in Vegas and does weddings. You can check out his website at I am not sure his exact pricing, but do know he is reasonable. He is an awesome photographer. You can go check out his website and see if he is avaiable the date you need one.

Veronica said...

Gina- LOL that makes us sound so ghetto...we're on the other side of the tracks!!

Bethany, I'll email you with any info about houses for rent out this way. Good luck with the job hunt and all! Yuck-

PML said...

I wish I could help you. We lived in East Millcreek for 8 months. The houses there were selling for about...oh...$500K for a 30-year old house. Are you buying or renting? My aunt has been a Realtor there for the past 15 years or so. Let me know if she can help you by answering some more questions.

Cheryl said...

I'm pretty picky when it comes to where we live after living in AZ. :) I absolutely love Farmington and Lehi. My big thing is I didn't want to live by all the manufactoring/oil companies you see all off the freeway. As for SuperTarget, my favorite store... I go almost everyday in Centerville. Good luck. I'm here in AZ right now. We are having a potluck at Charilla's tomorrow at 11:30 if you can come! I would love to see you. Let me know if I can help at all.

Melissa Brown said...

Here is a fantastic photographer in LV!
He has several prices. It depends on the package you want. All the info is on his site. Hope it helps.

Trisha B said...

I have a friend that lives in Las Vegas. She is a wonderful photographer and does weddings. Her website is

Spjut Family said...

Wow. Well, I don't know how much you want to spend on a house. A starter home in the SL Valley along the wasatch front is $260,000. Nothing lavish, no granite counter tops, no hard wood floors. I live in the valley. It's okay, but when we buy agian we want out. (avoid Kearns, Magna and West Valley) okay areas... Murray, Taylorsville, Cottonwood Heights, South Jordan.

North of the Valley
Davis County-- Bountiful, Centerville, Kaysville, Farmington. Beatiful areas, but wetland (bugs) but there are a lot of young families. Targets, grocery stores and nicer homes for the price. You are still looking at $240-260 but the homes are nicer and bigger. Good luck and let me know if I can help out any more.

Spjut Family said...

Oh, Shawn and I almost built in Foxboro. Okay area for new families. Again the only problem is that there is no basements because of water levels and it is wetland area so be ware of bugs

bethany said...

You guys are so wonderful! We stayed an extra day in UT so that we could drive around neighborhoods looking at homes. We're hoping to hear something by the end of this week job-wise and then (hopefully) the company will fly us up to look around some more.
Seriously, you guys are awesome!

Catey said...

Bethany-I answered your question over on my blog! :)
GL with the job stuff this week!

Jen and Bryan said...

I'll check around for a photog. How much are they willing to spend? I have a few friends that live out there. I'll check with them on their prices but let me know a price range.

Amanda XOX said...

Hey Vermillions,

I second the Ibarra's vote for the Vegas photographer (we're all in the same ward)
Another good one is:

Hope things go well with the job search. Here lots of job openings are posted on Craig's List rather than other traditional sites.


Cami said...

I have a friend that's a wedding planner. She said she doesn't know any photographers in Vegas off the top of her head, but she has connections and can probably find someone if you still need a recommendation. Who's it for? Do they actually live in Vegas or just getting married there?

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