Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nervous Habit

Jakson is very quirky.
He gets it from Zak's side of the family.
For sure.

When he is nervous or uncomfortable, he firmly claps his hands over his ears.
Understandable in this situation (although I remember a time when he would fall asleep to the drone of a lawnmower).
But this?!?
Does he know something we don't about Grandpa's fire starting abilities?


Jen and Reed said...

Maybe he thinks something bad is going to happen. He's using his good reaction skills to hone his anticipation skills. :) Who is the lawnmower guy. It doesn't look much like Zak. Oops if it is.

Spjut Family said...

What a darling kiddo. Wow, can I say your hubby can really chuck your kid. Does that make you nervous at all??? I think all men love to do that. The higher the better. They simply have faster reflexes than me.

bethany said...

Jen-It's Zak's brother Tyler. They look alike-sort of.

Melissa Brown said...

It could also be that his hearing is better since the tubes. At least with Carter we have noticed he doesn't like really loud things. If I even read to him too loud with my mouth near his ear, he covers it or tries to move. It is a little strange about the fireplace though... can't explain that one better than just the kirkiness (if that is a word).

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