Thursday, June 25, 2009

More new

Honestly, we have little else to do at this point in the job search but wait.

Zak had two interviews up in UT last week and we are hoping to hear back from them in the next couple of days so that we can plan our next steps.
I'd pack, but everything we don't need has already been put into boxes.
In fact, I need some of the stuff that we put into boxes and have had to unpack a few.

This gives us a lot of time to think.
And plan.
And look at houses online that we will probably never end up living in like this, this, and this.

It has also given us the time to start things that we've talked about for months.
Like a new Etsy shop.
Or two.That's right.
I've delved into the dark side of Etsy Vintage.
Probably where I should have started out in the first place knowing my obsession with all things thrift shop.

See the new shop here.

AND I have a new site for you to bookmark, follow, add to your reader.
It's really a rather selfish blog, but I think you'll like it too.
I've started compiling my favorite tutorials and creative ideas in one place.
My virtual "to do" list if you will.
There are some amazingly creative people out in blogland and I am fond of copying them.
My Make Along blog

Unemployment breeds ideas out of necessity. What will we come up with next?!?


edith said...

Beth, you impress me every day! Good luck for all the shops and for Zak's job search. Good things happen to good people so just keep going and it will all fall in place. Will check the new shops and sites immediately. :) Hugs. Edith.

~Melissa~ said...

LOVE it! My cousin would love this shop. I really like Zak's as well and I saw he already had a sale! I waited a weeks for my first sale. And you already had one too! You guys are etsy pros. I hope you hear from a job soon... even though I really don't want you to move ;(

Seth and Peggy said...

That shop idea is so cute! I'll have to send any vintage books I find your way.

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