Saturday, June 13, 2009


As mentioned in posts past, our children are not fun road trip buddies. In fact, if you don't have kids and are considering changing that status, I suggest taking a little ride with our two before making any final decisions.

So when making mandatory trips to UT, we've had to mix it up a little. Our idea this time was to take a look at the Grand Canyon.

Notice I did not say "hike" because I do not, in fact, hike. Bless you who do think that sort of thing is fun.

After discovering that the Grand Canyon is extremely out of the price range of anyone who is unemployed, we made the spontaneous decision to drive the "Scenic Route" version of the normal freeway. The fact that the detour took us right past the Vermilion Cliffs may actually have been Zak's real motivation. We all know how prideful he is about his family name (even when it is spelled wrong).

It was a fabulous choice. We happened upon Cliff Dwellings-Jakson's version of Heaven. And it was FREE!!

It was too irresistible. I had to take this one. Too bad I think his shorts are ruined.

In case you're interested, Cliff Dwellings is located along 89A near mile marker 597.


Stacy said...

You let us know if you ever need a place to stay in this great State of Utah... I know how you feel about kids in the car. I am not sure how we made it to Oregon last summer, oh yes they were sleeping!!!

Shenna said...

Wow, another trip! Glad you could find something along the way to help get some of the energy out! Hopefully it helped!!

Anne said...

And did you have on family color coordinated clothes as well (light blue/dark blue)? We'll never know because for some reason, the mom is never in the picture. Glad after checking prices at the Grand Canyon and the SkyBridge, you found something for free. The kids will never notice the difference. Say "Hi" to the Vermillion's for us.

MaryAnne said...

My kids are terrible road trip buddies, so you have my sympathy.

The shorts should come clean if you wash them with oxyclean (or Clorox II).

Veronica said...

Oh man, road trips with little ones is PAINFUL. We made the trip to Texas at Thanksgiving and we're not doing that again for a long time! That place looks so fun and like a nice break.

North Family Arizona said...

I love the matching dirty bums.... Classic!

momtoqts said...

Your post made me laugh. Me & my dh learned long ago (we have 4 kiddos) to travel at night! They sleep - we chug coffee and listen to the radio. Working on little sleep is not ideal but it is better than losing your mind and having to stop every 50 miles. Ask me how I know.

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