Saturday, May 09, 2009

Unemployment Benefit #3

Unemployment makes you skinny.
Or at least that's what I hope.
Eating strictly from food storage can't hurt, right?

I realize this is a boring picture of someone else's food storage. I was going to add an image of a really skinny model to give you a taste of what I'm going to look like in a few weeks, but I was too afraid to Google "skinny model" for fear what would show up.


Spjut Family said...

I'm sorry to hear about Zak's job. Crazy, but honestly your are funny. I love the blogs-- jokes aside I hope he finds a good job soon. My husband works at Primary Childrens Hospital in the Lab and they even talked about cuts there too. Your family is in my prayers.

mikbeth said...

Good luck to Zak! I hate job searching! But I do love that lovely picture of food storage. If only my food storage looked like it came from a Martha Stewart magazine.
But seriously "boo hiss" to looking for a job! We'll keep you in our prayers. Mike said too bad his company's not hiring.

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