Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Jak

We are discovering as pictures come down from the walls and boxes stack up that Jakson isn't taking the change well.

He doesn't exactly have the vocabulary to express his distaste, so he has been acting out in other ways.

Remember the book eating incident of '08?
It seems that when Jakson is stressed, he lashes out by eating books. The other day during naptime, he ate half of each page of a board book.
Previous victims

Jak's room is now a no-book zone.

He has also been shoving Storey every time he encounters her. Brotherly affection.

In my education classes at BYU, the professors always emphasized that as teachers, we should not reinforce negative behavior by calling attention to it. Only award postive behavior. When I was in the classroom on a daily basis it was definitely easier to follow their advice because there was at least one person doing something good that I could call attention to all the time. As a parent, though it's harder to do.

I'm pretty sure some of Jakson's naughtiness comes from not fully understanding the changes around our house (Daddy's home all the time, things disappear into boxes, Mommy is more frazzled than usual) and the aura of stress, but most of all his need for attention.

After figuring this out (and feeling like terrible parents for awhile), we've been making a conscious effort to give him more one on one time. Right now, it's in the form of potty training-which is turning out to be a total joke. He likes sitting on the toilet because either Zak or I sit right next to him and play games, sing songs, read books.....but nothing ever happens on his end (pun not intended, but it is a good one!).

We may be working on this until he is 25.

Every night before Jak goes to bed, one of us will lay in bed with him and read a couple of books, say prayers and "cuddle". This has been the routine since he moved to a big boy bed.

When he was smaller, we would rock and sing songs to him as well, but lately he has been covering my mouth when I sing. I am apparently already embarrasing him.

A couple of nights ago, as we were lying there, he turned to me and said "Bobby, sing song." So we sang Popcorn Popping, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam and did all the actions. Then I started on I am a Child of God. Jakson's little voice joined in and sang all the words. I think it was the cutest thing I have ever heard. Melt my heart.

It was a good mommy moment.
I think we both needed that.


Covey said...

You are a good mommy--we all have our moments. I have been praying for you guys as I imagine the difficulties you are facing. Hang in there!! We used marshmellows for rewards--we set a timer for the hour and he got one marshmellow for going and trying and another if something made it in the potty. Does anything motivate Jackson like that? Chocolate chips perhaps??

Sabrina said...

That is absolutely precious that he sang with you. So sweet. Kids don't react well to moves. We moved when Emerson was 6 weeks old and it wreaked havoc on her---it was amazing that she could feel the stress and chaos, but she totally could. Once things settle down he will too. Keep up the good work Beth!

PML said...

I don't know why you were concerned about his eating habits, judging by the amount of cardboard he can down. Maybe cardboard doesn't digest well, and that is why the potty training isn't going so fast...jk. I hate potty training. Kallie will potty train herself when she is old enough to do everything all herself because I think the whole thing is just GROSS! And plus I am not a patient person. But best of luck in your endeavors. It is nice when there is one less box of diapers to buy at the store.

Shenna said...

How cute that he joined in!! I love it when Maddi tries to sing. Maybe Jak would be motivated to go potty with goldfish or cheese-its? :)

Audra Bollard said...

Very sweet post. However naughty, kids almost always redeem themselves in the end.

Thank you for the beautiful blanket/legwarmers. You were so quick!

Spjut Family said...

wow. I didn't know you could eat so much cardboard and live. What a funny guy. You must be good parents--the last bit of your blog proves it. What a sweet little man.

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