Sunday, May 03, 2009

GAM '09---May Goal

April Goal Update
April's goal changed when I figured out that I was going to have to finish two twin sized quilts before the end of the month. I have actually never attempted such a large quilt before, let alone two.

One of the finished quilts I posted about last week. It was for my brother in law Tyler and featured 12 photos from his mission. He came to visit and I wanted it done so he could take it home with him. Unfortunately, it did not fit into his suitcase, so despite the fact that it is finally finished, it is still sitting in my sewing room. At least it's not making me feel guilty anymore.

The other quilt was made for the Ethiopian Orphan's Relief Auction, Lights of Hope, on May 9th. I've made quite a few memory quilts for various parents who have adopted from Ethopia. Recently, one of the board members asked if I would mind putting together a patchwork quilt including some of the children's drawings to be auctioned off. With the help of some of the Relief Society ladies (thanks guys!!), I was able to get everything cut out, sewn, quilted and sewn within two weeks!! I really love the bright fabrics that were chosen!

The front:

I am glad to have those projects finished! They can finally be checked off my TO DO list.

May Goal-More of a family goal this month
Get a job. A real career job, not just the local gas station. And maintaining a positive attitude about our current situation.

I have a feeling that May is going to bring many changes for our family, big decisions and stress. Zak and I have a myriad of emotions about the prospects, ranging from sheer terror to excitement and peace. I think that's really all I can handle right now in the way of making goals. But I have big plans for June!


edith said...

The quilts are beautiful. Great job, Beth!!

Amanda said...

I looooove quilts! Those are beautiful!

MaryAnne said...

Both quilts are beautiful, I can't believe you made two twin-size quilts in a single month.

Hope the job search goes well...

Matt & Brooke said...

Beth I LOVE your quilts! And i'm so amazed by your strength through these stressful times. You guys are going to find a great opportunity (probably in San Diego) and i'm so excited to find out what it is. In the meantime, you are the macgyver of homemaking, so i have a feeling great things are in store:)

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