Monday, April 13, 2009

An Unconventional Easter Bunny

Normally, we celebrate the bunny part of Easter on Saturday, but Zak and I realized late Friday night that we actually had done nothing to prepare--we've been quite caught up in Jakson's birthday project (pictures to come).

During our date on Saturday night, we stocked up at the dollar store and Target on little things for the baskets (remember the days when dates didn't revolve around the children? Me neither.). Zak and I weren't really excited about the idea of Jakson eating a bunch of candy, so we ended up with just one chocolate bunny and other odds and ends: a numbers puzzle, some goldfish crackers, and a pack of 4 toothbrushes.

What Easter basket would be complete without a tribute to dental hygiene?

Storey's basket consisted of large pretzels (great for knawing), plastic eggs filled with Gerber Puffs, and a couple pairs of capri pants. Seeing as Sunday morning, Jakson couldn't have cared less about the Easter bunny, we should have skipped the whole thing, stocked up at clearance sales and set out baskets a week late. Darn.

For church, I settled on the refashioned shirt dress for Storey and made Jak a little tie to match his vest. Jakson is in a "don't take my picture" phase, but we were still able to get a semi-decent family picture after the meetings, although I guess I should have picked something besides the parking lot as the backdrop. Oh well.
Holly and Phil had us over for a delicious dinner and an egg hunt in their back yard. Holly was brave enough to hide real hard boiled eggs-all of which ended up cracked because Jakson thought the hunt was a competition to see who could fill their basket the quickest.

Storey was having a hard time-she didn't find any eggs and she pooped all over her cute dress during dinner, so she gets to pose with borrowed eggs in a borrowed outfit. And in case you are interested in all the intricate details of our life, for our Saturday night date, Zak and I used the coupons that we got after signing up for the Give Me More Stripes card from TGIFriday's. If you order a drink at the bar (soda works), you get an appetizer for 1 cent and then sit at a table for buy one entree get a second for $1. Pretty good deal and we just stayed at a table in the bar area for both!!

And for those who have been counting-yes, this is the THIRD week that Storey has had poop issues (a.k.a diarrhea) and we're going to the doctor to have her poop tested today. Hmmm...poop tester.... Glad that's not my day job.


Vanessa said...

I love that right after Storey's bowel issues are mentioned, there is a picture of her with a great big smile-so fitting:)

CeCe said...

Hey- are you planning on putting that dress in your esty shop?

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like the kids had fun! Oh, and the Easter Bunny only brings books to our house...we're boring like that. :)

Diana Hawkins said...

That last picture of Storey with the yellow egg should be framed!

And both your kids looked adorable Sunday! I didn't know you made Jak's tie - but of course, I should know better than to think otherwise by now! :)

Cute post.

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