Friday, April 10, 2009

Two Away

I just looked at my Etsy shop sales and realized that I am only TWO SALES away from 300!!
I really can't believe it! The Etsy community has been so wonderful and I am grateful to be able to earn a little extra money for our family doing something I love.

Because I'm so excited, I'll be including a free gift in the package for sales 299 and 300!!

If you have ever thought about starting an Etsy shop, I encourage you to do it!
I'd be glad to answer any questions you have about start up.


MaryAnne said...


I'd love to start an Etsy shop someday, maybe once I've adjusted to life with three kids...

Amy said...

I think I was your 300th sale :) Congrats!! I love EVERYTHING you make :)

edith said...

Congrats. I saw that you have reached 300 sales! Awesome!!
Thank you for the compliment about the dress. I am glad you liked it. You inspired me. :)

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