Friday, April 24, 2009

Christmas: Round Two

I realize that it's April, but I just barely finished my brother in law Tyler's Christmas present (ahem. from last year). It's partly his fault, but mostly mine. Or maybe mostly his.Regardless of fault, it is now complete and I no longer have the unfinished quilt staring up from my sewing table causing great amounts of guilt.

The fabric is the now discontinued Katie Jump Rope from Denise Schmidt. Although it is no longer being printed (to my knowledge) it is still availble in a few shops on Etsy. Out of all the fabric lines in the world, this may be in my top five. There are just so many great patterns for boys and girls-I'm sorry to see it go.
To add the photos, I purchased a package of printable fabric at Joann's. There are two kinds-a dry clean only fabric and a machine washable fabric. I used the machine washable on this quilt (Tyler is a poor college student, he doesn't have the money for dry cleaning). You run it through a normal color printer and then it sews in like any other fabric. So great for making personalized projects!

To continue the Christmas theme, Zak and I are redeeming his present tonight. I bought him a gift certificate to a local culinary school and they are finally offering a class we're interested in and we're in town for! Tonight we'll be whipping up a Chinese Fusion meal and hopefully learning a thing or two. Hooray for kidless dates and doting uncles who make them possible!!


Shenna said...

Congrats on finishing the quilt! Thanks again for all your help with the dresses!!

edith said...

What a lovely quilt. Beautiful!

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