Friday, March 13, 2009

Record Keeping

Jakson at 35 months

  1. Still loves cheese best of all
  2. Second favorite food? Fries
  3. Thinks that every time we pass a Chick-Fil-A, we should stop and get fries
  4. Will only drink water and milk-refuses juice or any other kind of beverage
  5. Is a "Bobby's" boy
  6. Says names of people spontaneously, without having to be asked, "Who is that?"
  7. His favorite book is If the Walls Could Talk-a non-fiction picture book about the Presidents. We've read it to him twice a day for the last week or so.
  8. Sings along to Primary songs
  9. Is obsessed with the ABCs-likes to point them out on signs when we are driving and randomly breaks out in the alphabet song
  10. Imitates car alarms and microwave timers
  11. Suffers from extreme separation anxiety
  12. Said "crud" for the first time this week (repeating his father)
  13. Loves his Uncle Tyler
Storey at 7 months
  1. Thinks it is funny when her brother tickles her
  2. Loves people to look at her
  3. Smiles at everyone
  4. Eats lint, peas, and shoes
  5. Has an incredibly long tongue
  6. Is nicknamed the Book (by her father)
  7. Likes to chase plastic balls around the house
  8. Uses anything sturdy (and sometimes not) to stand
  9. Sleeps through the night
  10. Growls a lot
  11. Always poops in the morning
  12. Kicks excitedly when she sees food
  13. Cried (like screamed) when she saw Uncle Tyler


Bonnie Mills said...

Cute post, Beth. I love Jackson's smile in his pic. Congrats on Storey sleeping thru the night. Love the family pics at the top!

edith said...

Hi Beth. I finally did the felt hair clips and they turned out great (I think). I posted a photo on my blog.
Thanks again for posting the template.

West Family said...

Your kids are so cute! Hey we are going to be in Scottsdale at the end of this week and if we have time wanted to come by and say hello! What do you think?

Matt & Brooke said...

Jakson suddenly got HUGE! I can't get over all these crafts and such you keep whipping out! Sheesh!!!! you put me to shame!

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