Monday, March 16, 2009

Pack it in

Before I get to my menu this week, I have a confession. Last week's menu example was just that, an example. We actually didn't really follow it at all because we left to Vegas on Thursday. I just wanted you to see how a menu could coincide with the items on sale. I needed to let you all know so you don't think we eat the same exact things over and over every week. In other words, some of the dinners from last week, you will see again.

Menu plan this week-click on links for recipes:

Monday: Hamburgers
What I need to buy: tomatoes, buns

Tuesday: Pasta Farfalle
What I need to buy: Parm. cheese (Sargento cheese is on sale and I have a coupon-$1.50), vegetable

Wednesday: Sausage breakfast burritos
What I need to buy: nothing

Thursday: Chicken Tacos-I use this recipe, with chicken instead of fish
What I need to buy: cilantro

Friday: Ritz chicken
What I need to buy: vegetable side

Saturday: Lone Star Fondue
What I need to buy: chips, green onions

Sunday: Crock Pot chicken/salsa/cream cheese
What I need: salsa

ANOTHER DEAL ON DIAPERS THIS WEEK!! At the Albertson's here in AZ (not sure about everywhere else), Huggies Jumbo packs are on sale for $6.99. If you use the printables that I blogged about last week, that makes the Natural Fit diapers $3.99 and the Gentle Care (up to size 2) only $1.99!!! Get coupons here. You can print each coupon off twice.

And as promised---where does all that food go?

Here are some creative food storage ideas (for all those groceries you buy with coupons!) from creative and organized friends (and a few that I wish I could be friends with)....

Make space under beds-or even build your own!!

Looks like a normal loft bed...But it's really hiding a stash of food!Read more about this awesome DIY project from my friend Marcie here. I've also seen people add rolling Tupperware type containers under their beds and put the new cans (or boxes of food) in one side and take them out the other-that way the food is getting rotated.

Put up extra shelves in bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Shenna had her husband hang shelves above her washer and dryer to hold food and household items she has stocked up on. You can do something similar ANYWHERE you have extra wall space. We have a cabinet in our guest bathroom (we bought it in the As-is section of IKEA for about $5) where we store our extra bleach, sugar, flour and such.Build rotating can storage
Jayce gives instructions for creating your own rolling can storage for about $60. You could change the dimensions to accommodate the type of cans you are buying.Food Storage Made Easy has a great tutorial and printable directions for creating the same thing on a smaller scale---and from cardboard!! This is on my list of things to do. You can see them being used in the pantry below...The ladies at Food Storage Made Easy have also created a PDF full of creative food storage solutions divided according to room. There are a lot of ideas that have never occurred to me (making footstools and end tables out of food?!?) and great ways to store in small spaces. Click here to download the PDF.

Hope that helps out-and as always, let me know if you have questions or other storage ideas--I'd love to see them!!


7 Baldwin's said...

Well in response to your comment on my blog- you've got creative skills coming out the wazoo! And I love your blog on saving money on groceries! I'm so inspired!!!! You rock!

Emily said...

Once again, another amazing post. Now that we're real life pals, I'm going to be stalking your blog harder than ever.

ps. made that cream cheese chicken a few Sundays ago. De-lic-ious.

Amy said...

Thanks Beth! You rock! Cheap diapers here I come!! :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Pasta Farfalle is on our menu plan this week...can't wait to try it!

CeCe said...

Great storage ideas! Thanks so much for posting this!

PML said...

Oh I'm glad I saw your blog about the diapers. I wonder if Albertson's will have any tomorrow. Probably not.

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