Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In my humble opinion

Tonight, I finally learned what the initialism IMHO stands for.
It was revealed to me in a radio commercial.
A teenage daughter was teasing her dad about not understanding text lingo.
I used to chuckle at commercials like that-silly, out of touch dad-cause I thought I could relate.
Well, I still can relate, but it's not so funny when you are coming from the opposite end.

I feel old.


Julie said...

What does BBN mean? (speaking of being out-of-touch)

bethany said...

Bye Bye Now (it was also on the commercial-I wouldn't have known otherwise!!)

Seth and Peggy said...

You just left that BBN to make the rest of us feel out of touch too! ha ha.

Reese said...

This is the reason I'm scared to have teenagers! I barely know what an IPOD is, let alone all of the other crazy stuff teens come up with! :D

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