Sunday, March 29, 2009

Found it

spir·ited (-id) adjective: full of spirit; lively; energetic; animated
and, it's genetic

You see that guy with the bleached hair in the skirt? My husband.
One of his prouder life moments, I'm sure.

Without doubt, Jakson inherited the enthusiastic gene.
I fully expect that during his school career, I'm going to receive numerous report cards with "spirited" in the comments.

"Spirited" is a teacher word for he never shuts up, he jumps off the windowsill, he accidently killed the class hamster, he's the class clown...

They sell books like Ways to Say What You Really Mean on Report Cards Without Offending Parents, (not the technical name) for educators.
I know because I used one.
But I am aware of the code words, so I'll read between the lines.

I will NOT be offended though because really, that.poor.teacher.

Currently, Jakson is very spirited about his goggles. He wears them to bed, when he is trying a new food that he is certain he won't like (a.k.a. EVERY new food) and, the naked kid with the goggles? My son.
It's a good look for him. Safety first. Those plastic work goggles that came with his tool set are certain to allow for underwater play without injury.Here he is multitasking-brushing his teeth and fixing things with Daddy at the same time. And wearing the goggles, of course.
I'm pretty sure that he'll grow out of the multitasking---not an adult male attribute. But when he is 30 and married, this picture will be proof for his wife that he, at one point in his life, could effectively manage more than one activity at a time.

Thankfully, I'm so boring that I totally even out all of the enthusiasm that goes on in this house.
Otherwise, I'm not sure we'd have any friends.
But, I wouldn't trade my two lively family members for ten mellow ones.



Jenny said...

That pic of Zac is a riot!!!! I almost fell off of my computer chair laughing! Maybe with a mom like you Jak will keep up his multitasking abilities. A mom could only hope she passes on something good to her boys... What a cutie!

Amanda said...

Love it!

Kerry said...

WOW. How does Zak feel about you posting that picture?

bethany said...

My theory is: Zak posed for the picture in the first place-he should have been aware that someone would use it as a writing prompt in the future :)

Julie said...

So, my home teacher used to bleach his hair and wear skirts?!?! I need to have a talk with Philip North.

Very funny!!!

deborah said...

this was hilarious, love the picture of zak and of jakson multi tasking. Great

North Family Arizona said...

I especially like the little pom poms... Boom Boom of the Las Vegas Thunder...


I'm going to have to dig deep into my box of high school evidence to show you up Zak.

MeganL said...


Shenna said...

Ha ha. Love the pictures!

North Family Arizona said...

I am amazed by how different you look in that picture, Zak! I've never seen you in glasses like that. Oh, and Julie, you're out of luck calling Phil for help because he, too, was voted "most spirited."
Beth, I think the tidbit about your lives that your readers come away with here is the strength of your marriage. I have to reveal that you did not consult with Zac before posting this. If you two can survive this, you are rock solid! A role model in marital bliss!

KatieB said...

avery went through a goggles phase too. nothing to worry about :)

Audra Bollard said...

Wow and wow. No wonder you wanted to find that yearbook. And I agree with you--if the picture made it far enough to be published it is fair game for blogging. Thanks for the laugh!

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