Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Aw shucks....

Throwing out the pity card works! Man, if I would have only known this secret earlier. I'm totally trying it on Zak when he gets home from work. I need a back rub.

Since you are all so nice and in a pitying mood, I've decided that I should make up for the fact that I never actually did pay it forward last time (remember? that's why you all feel sorry for me in the first place) and this time I signed up to get fun things from TWO of my friends (I was feeling rather greedy and spontaneous), so that's 3+3+3=9.

I owe 9 pay it forwards. Just call me Veruca Salt.

Let's do the math. I have 6 already (from comments on the previous post), so if there happen to be 3 more people that want in, leave a comment on this post or the last one. And then, send me your mailing address--bethanycr(at)gmail(dot)com or use the link on the sidebar. I can't promise that it will be shipped out next week (let's be honest, maybe not even next month), but isn't fun to get surprises in the mail?

Thanks to you, tonight I won't cry myself to sleep because I know that at least six people want something free and love America.


edith said...

OK, I hope to be #9!! I will pay it forward too.

bethany said...

Edith-you are in!!

That's 8-there's room for one more!!

Casey said...

The only reason I didn't sign up before is because I signed up for another Pay it forward on another blog a few months ago. not sure if I'm allowed to receive another or not.

Connie said...

So if I make it in, do I get to request what I want you to give me?? hahaha, kidding! :)

Melissa said...

I want to pay it forward! Am I too late? Let me know. Love ya.

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