Sunday, February 08, 2009

Vacation no more

Signs that our vacation is over:

  1. Storey's double ear infection that we discovered during a 4 hour stint at Urgent Care last night.
  2. The five or six times that the Dr. remarked how surprised she was that Storey tested negative for RSV.
  3. During our hurried dinner, courtesy of Chick-Fil-A, no one placed a napkin in my lap and I finally resigned to doing it myself. Hmph.
  4. Did I mention the breathing treatments that we have to administer to our extremely opinionated six month old?
  5. One of her opinions-----breathing treatments work better if you scream slash turn purple the entire time you are getting one.
And my personal favorite sign that we're no longer on vacation:
6. The fit that Jakson threw this morning-complete with throwing himself against a wall-when he was informed that guitars (really, a ukelele, but don't tell him) don't belong in church.

**We had a SPACTACULAR time on the cruise--more to come about that tomorrow. At the moment, I can only manage numbered lists due to my lack of sleep and the fact that I still feel like the world is one large rocking ship. I'm having trouble walking, let alone thinking straight.


Shenna said...

Sorry to hear that Storey is sick. Sick kids are NO FUN!!! Glad you made it home safely!

Diana Hawkins said...

Double ear infection?? That'll teach you to go on vacation! :) So sad!

Looking forward to hearing more about your cruise ...

Kerry said...

So sad! Hope everyone is calm and well now!

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