Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Popular Demand

I have had quite a few emails and comment inquiries from disappointed people who don't live in the Phoenix area but still want to learn how to make the felt headbands. You lucky, lucky Phoenicians-you're house may be worth $100,000 less than what you bought it for, but at least you are within driving distance of craft night!
So, this is what I'll do....I'll take lots and lots of pictures and post tutorial links to the headbands we make and give you any suggestions we find to make things easier or more lovely.

Because I love you.

And I'm always accepting donations towards that $100,000......just sayin'.


PML said...

Well I'm glad you warned us about pictures because I will now be sure to wear my Sunday best.

FamilyKolbaba said...

I'm SO coming, I live in walking distance!

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes! I wish I was still living there. Addie asks me everyday if we can move back to AZ yet!

edith said...

Great, looking forward to the tutorial how to make the headbands. The tutu turned out great. Have a fun night!

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