Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not my genes

I could hear the kids playing upstairs after bedtime and when I walked in to tell them to Lie down! (two of the most commonly used words in my vocabulary as of late) I found Storey standing in her crib.

That's right.


At first I thought Jakson had jumped out of bed, helped her stand and then jumped back in. At least, I hoped that is what had happened.

So, I laid her back down, wrapped her like a burrito, and stuck a pacifier in her mouth.

Then I watched in horror as she unraveled her body from the tightly wound blanket, rolled over, scooted to the side of the crib and pulled herself up.

Need I remind you that we just celebrated this child's 1/2 year of life?!?

A few things ran through my head:

    Why do I always end up with these freakishly active children?
    Zak, what did you do to your mother so many years ago that her cries of I hope you have a kid just like you!came to fruition?
    Crib bumpers are so much cuter with the mattress in the highest setting and now we'll have to lower it. Darn.

I know you think it's unfair to blame Zak, but really, if you've ever watched me play ANY sport, heck, even jog, you would realize that I am not one of the most coordinated individuals. Physical abilities are not something my children will inherit from me.

Good looks, smarts, a witty sense of humor: yes. Athleticism: no.


Sabrina said...

Holy Cow! That is amazing. Can you have your kids come over and teach Emy how to walk already?

Zak said...

Does that mean I am ugly, dumb, and boring?
All I have to say is you knew what I was when I picked you up!

Amanda said...

This does not encourage me.

MaryAnne said...

Both my kids stood up in their cribs around 6 months too... My daughter just stood there, but I had to take down my son's crib before he turned one because he could climb out of it, even on the lowest setting...

[AnnieR] said...

That's craziness.

Shenna said...

Oh no...

Mandi said...

Wow! Storey must be a very physical baby. Look out, momma!

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