Saturday, February 28, 2009

GAM '09---March Goal

Okay, this is my party, so I can change the rules if I want to and I've decided that if you suck at achieving one goal, you can switch during the month without telling anyone.

How's that for cheating?

Truthfully, I just don't want to have to tell you that I did not once do yoga during the whole month of February. I have a whole myriad of excuses, including the ever popular, I just didn't around to it (but really, I just didn't get around to it), but I won't share all of them here with you. You're welcome.

Instead, I will give you my new (and accomplished!) goal that I just made up tonight so that I could say I did something productive during the month of February........

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly trying (hence the vent post about discipline). It seems Jakson is determined to end year two with a bang. As a result, I have spent a lot of time sitting in his doorway telling him to!! over and over. But tonight he went to bed at bedtime instead of four hours later!! I had to take a picture to document the occasion. Crossing my fingers that he's turning over a new leaf.

My revised February GAM goal: I will not sell Jakson to the circus.


I am so incredibly excited about my March goal-and it has nothing to do with exercise. Exercise is so overrated.

Goal: Set up learning activities for Jakson and spend at least one hour each day in "school."

During my research for the Lesson Plans site, I've come across a lot of really great websites with ideas for teaching toddlers. But yesterday, I came across the mecca of them all, Tot School.This mom has created Tot School for her sons and provides you with all of the resources to start your own!! I was so motivated by her ideas that I ordered some trays from Oriental Trading Company (read about using trays here) and started making lists of all of the activities that I want to do with Jakson. I will continue to update as I get things together.

It will be a great way to utilize the new art corner that I made for him as well (pictures to come). He is really needing the extra challenge and opportunities to be creative. I'm hoping the structure will help with some of his behaviors too.

What's your March GAM?


MaryAnne said...

My March goal is to get more of a routine going at our house - hopefully it will help me be more productive!

Anne said...

So why in the Tot School picture does it say 1+1+1=1?

Larri said...

So glad Jak went to sleep for you.

I was going to tell you that I don't have a paper that says I know a thing about kids but in the real world sticker charts and gun control laws work great for people that don't need them.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow with a more rested kid.

The Johnsons said...

This is so neat. Thanks for sharing the links.

I was wondering... what are you doing with Storey while you do the learning activities with Jackson? My 3 year old and my 16 month old take their nap at the same time and I just can't see my little one being patient enough for me to do those activities with my older one.


edith said...

Love your revised February goal!There is 16 more years to find a circus that will take him. :)

Adam and Melissa said...

Wow Beth! I LOVE this idea. I need to do something like this with Carter and have been contemplating on how/what and was feeling stumped. I just bought those trays too. Thanks for sharing this and good luck!!

Sabrina said...

I finally got my March goal posted! Yea. Still think this is a great idea!

Diana Hawkins said...

Love this Tot School stuff! I have not heard of it, but it smacks of Montessori's influence. It looks like you have lots of ideas to get going ... I'm definitely going to look through the site to look for more inspiration for my school as well. If you ever would like some ideas for works to put out on trays and introduce Jak to, I'd be glad to share some of my favorites!

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