Monday, February 02, 2009

GAM '09---February Goal

I ALMOST finished my January goal....the crib is now red and is wearing a fabulous new bumper, but I didn't get the quilt bound or the crib skirt sewn. Darn. Storey DOES sleep in it now and she's doing a pretty good job of sleeping through the night, despite the fact that Jakson wakes up with night terrors (read: screaming) just about every other night. The two kids in the same room situation is working out well and I've noticed, now that they are not sleeping in the same room (at Grandma's house) , that they don't seem to sleep as long or soundly when they are not together. Maybe they DO like each other after all!!

February Goal: Zak's goal for January was to do Yoga every other day. He kept up with it pretty well and now I'd like to join him in his exercise quest. So my goal for this month is yoga three times a week. I think that's doable and I'll need it especially after eating all of the cruise food!!

Go ahead and link up your goals so that we can see your January progress and new goal for February. It's GAMalicious!! :)


North Family Arizona said...

I don't even remember what my GAM goal was last month... that's bad.

Well this month I think that I want to stick to my Diet. It's not an eat less diet but a eat more of the right stuff diet.

No sugar, only good carbs, and no more chips and dip with Natalie... MMMM chips and dip. Good think I have my Cantalope and cottage cheese snack in front of me to crush those cravings.:(

I did yoga for the first time this week and it kicked my fanny!!! I was so sore. I also tried a kempo workout, much harder then it looks and it felt more manly to punch and kick. I always thought yoga was for girly men but wow that stuff is hard!

Have a great time on your vacation!!!

Joelle said...

Congrats on almost finishing your goal, it looks good :) Happy February! Good luck with the exercise! You're a far more motivated woman than I ;-)

esque said...

I didn't even hit my goal of losing 4lbs this month at all -- I was just too busy with other stuff. However, I want to continue my goal of losing 4lbs this month by taking up WiiFit again as starters. Also, I moved my studio in to the spare bedroom and now it needs arranging -- thus another goal this month!


Adam and Melissa said...

Way to go on the Jan goal. I am sure you will finish the other stuff for the crib soon. I love those pics of your kids on the previous post. Have fun this week!

Erica said...

CUTE PICTURE!!! Do you do a video? or do you go to a gym? I love yoga...but it kicks my butt.

MaryAnne said...

I finished my January goal (which I purposely made super-easy, and which was even easier thanks to your awesome tutu tutorial!)

For February, My goal is to get my 13mo son to eat solid food consistently, including vegetables. So far we're stuck on yogurt, cheese, and bananas (he will taste other things, but won't actually eat them)...

Dawn said...

My GAM for February is to create my own doll patterns. I need to be able to make custom dolls without worrying about other pattern-makers terms & conditions.

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