Friday, February 13, 2009

For Cora

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Matthew 7:12

When Joy asked if anyone else wanted to donate proceeds from their shop to Cora's Playground fund, the Golden Rule from Matthew came to mind. If tragedy struck my family, would I want others to rally around us? Yes, yes I would. So, I jumped at the chance to contribute to the cause and add an item for Cora to Love, September.

I think the Lord works through many mediums and is currently using blogs to fulfill some of His purposes (think Nielson family as well). Knowing that this year, I will not be able to do anything extravagant, like volunteer every week at a food bank or donate millions to cure diseases, I am filling my service quota in smaller, at home ways--this time to honor Cora.

And what better to commemorate a little girl's life than a tutu?!? Not just any tutu but a tutu in the most vibrant, adorable color EVER-fuchsia!!This tutu looks fabulous in photos (as you can see....speaking of adorable!) and can be made in sizes newborn to 5T. If you're so inclined, for a little more, I can make it in adult sizes as well. And all of the proceeds will go to Cora.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased a tutu for Cora! The listing has been up for less than 24 hours and SEVEN have sold!!

If you have ever contemplated purchasing a tutu, right now is the absolute best time to splurge because 100% of the proceeds are going to be donated to Cora's Playground fund. Doing good and getting something fantastic!! Here's a link directly to the Fuchsia Tutu for Cora Paige.

Even if you aren't going to purchase a tutu (I won't be offended), please add this button to your sidebar that links to all of the Etsy shops that are donating to the Playground fund. It's a wonderful cause and won't take more than a couple minutes of your time to help out. The HTML code for the button is on my sidebar under the original button. Just copy and paste the code and add it as an HTML gadget to your own. Then click on it to see what other Etsy goodies you can purchase for Cora!! Happy shopping!

BTW-The button design was graciously donated by Daydreams by Design and sara & abraham. Isn't it lovely?!?


Immeasurably More Mama said...

I've been following Cora's story for a few weeks and praying diligently for her family. What a sweet way to honor a sweet baby girl! I posted about this on my blog...hope you don't mind.

Casey said...

thanks for sharing this link! I'm posting the button as we speak

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