Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cruisin' Along

As promised, here's a vacation report:

Those of you who assured me that I wouldn't miss my kids too terribly were right. In fact, I only cried once----during a non-touching scene in Baby Mama: a baby reminded me of Storey. Ridiculous.

Zak and I had a wonderful time doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. No worrying about nap time, temper tantrums, picky eaters (like little boys who only eat cheese based foods), or bed times. Bliss.

I seriously think I gained back everything I've lost since Storey's birth--the food was so good and I took full advantage of the all-you-can-eat aspect. I would also add that Zak ate non-stop, but that's really no different than any other time--just ask the people in his office.

We lounged at the back of the ship and read a couple hours every day. Heaven on earth!! Thanks to everyone who gave me book recommendations! I ended up reading People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks (I didn't like it as well as Year of Wonders), The Tsarina's Daughter by Carolly Erickson, and What I Saw and How I Lied (YA Fiction) by Judy Blundell--highly recommend. And now I have a lot of new books to add to my library list courtesy of you all!!

Zak and I learned to fold towel animals-a skill that may come in handy next time we have house guests.Progreso, Mexico was our first stop. Zak and I took a little $2 bus tour and wandered around the shops. During the shopping lecture on the ship, we were told that the shopping was better in Cozumel, but maybe that's only true if you are going to buy jewelry and other expensive items. We found the people a lot more willing to bargain in Progreso than Cozumel. Jakson's beloved guitar was purchased along with gifts for my mom and Storey and some Mexican vanilla for all those chocolate chip cookies that I shouldn't be baking/eating. We could have also taken advantage of the $15 on beach massages, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to strip down in front of all the sun bathers. I have my limits.

In Cozumel we took our time reading all of the plaques and asking our tour guide questions at the Discover Mexico museum (something that is impossible to do with kids in tow!!) Zak refers to this picture as The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. He thinks he is hilarious.These models are scaled 1 to 90-AMAZING! The museum was really interesting. I would totally recommend it to anyone else cruising in the winter months---it was a little too cold and windy for beach activities, hence the fleece that you keep seeing in pictures.
Zak and I even made some new BYU alumni friends-Mike and Elizabeth. We happened upon them on formal night--sleeves among sleeveless folk gave them away--and we had fun playing crazy onboard games, attending shows and swapping stories with them.
Credit where credit is due: thanks to my mother (and my dad too, but we all know who did most of the work!) without whom this trip would have been IMPOSSIBLE in every way shape and form. We had a fabulous time, mom, and are so grateful for the sacrifices that you made for us!! Thank you a million times over!!


Adam and Melissa said...

What an amazing trip! I was drooling over all the photos. How awesome to have that time together! Love your blog 'makeover.'

Mandi said...

Your vacation sounds delightful!

Sabrina said...

Oh, it sounds blissful. I am so glad that you guys got to do that. Love the new blog look too:)

edith said...

What a wonderful summary of your trip. I feel like each day I am reading your blog I know you a little more. That's nice. Thank you for sharing. And I like the new look of your blog!

Jen and Reed said...

Great pictures. I'm so jealous. Maybe Reed and I can go on a cruise some day. You must post the rest of your pictures in a link or something. I need more to live vicariously through...common Beth--5 is just not enough.

Hey, in that blank orange square at the top of your blog page next to your kids, you should put a picture of you and Zak. The blank oranginess is bothering me a lot. Why do I even care?...I don't know. I'm on vacation. What else is there to do but find things that bother me. Thanks for listening. Hey, you and Zak should really come visit sometime. Please, please. Maybe this weekend. You can come play in the snow we just got this week...and give us back our red wal-mart sled we bought for 4 bucks. :) Fun, fun!!

Crystal said...

Your trip sounded amazing! I've never been on a cruise.. but I have a feeling that when Jon and I go on one- Jon will eat the ship out of everything! :-)

lindsay said...

sounds like it was so much fun. i love your new blog. it's so nice to give your blog a new "outfit" every once in a while.

Anne said...

My pleasure! I miss those two cuties already (and of course the two of you as well).

Vanessa said...

nice new blog look. I had to do three double takes when I saw that picture of you next to the model :)

Kerry said...

Oh how fun! I love all the pictures of you and Zak! So cute!

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