Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebrating lovers and big babies

A long story short: my sister in law jumped out of a window (for fun) and broke her ankle which means that my MIL is in town to drive her to work and play with the kids!! Yea for us, boo for Katy doing stupid things that in 15 years Jakson will also attempt (hopefully not with the same results). The kamikaze gene runs in the family. Can you guess which side???

So...I haven't been blogging because we've been out with G-ma. Nothin' better than that.

I did want to acknowledge two events that occurred in the past couple of weeks before too much time passes by.

Storey turned 6 months! It seems like I was pushing her out, like, yesterday and yet, here she is crawling around and smiling at everyone. How time flies!!

And yes, you heard that right. The child is crawling. Apparently God did not get the memo where I asked for a less active kid this time. In fact, in His humor she may actually be MORE active than Jakson was. In 15 years, it might be Storey jumping out of windows, not Jak.

Those dang Vermillion genes.

To celebrate this milestone, we stole an idea from my friend Mandi and made Storey 1/2 of a cake (because she's 1/2 of a year). Jakson decorated it and insisted on dumping ALL of the sprinkles in the very middle. In fact, I think the middle piece may have been more sprinkle than cake.
Obviously, I did not regulate the sprikledge---I just let him go for it. Unfortunately, Storey is still too young to actually eat the cake, but thankfully she has an older brother who was generous enough to eat her portion.
I dressed Storey up and had a little 6 month photo shoot during one of Jak's naps. I only got a couple of good shots, but I think they turned out really well.
She is such a good baby and a blessing in our family. We love her very much!!

Valentine's Day Zak informed me as we were going to bed Saturday night this Valentine's Day was EXTRA special because it marked the five year anniversary of our first kiss AND it even fell on the same day of the week. How cute.

We didn't do anything too spectacular for the holiday. Friday night Zak and I went to the temple and got take out as our date--low key and relaxing. We didn't exchange any big gifts but over the weekend, Zak hid hearts with messages all over the house and I'm still finding them.... I love thoughtful things like that.
The other man in my life also asked me to "Be Mine". I better be his only Valentine for at least the next 22 years.
And no, we do not normally decorate our entry way table with fuchsia tulle. Thanks for asking.


Shenna said...

Jakson looks like such a big kid in the cake pictures! I love the pictures of Storey in the tutu. She is adorable!

Leanna said...

ahhhh jakson has dimples! so cute!

Sabrina said...

Priceless pics. I love them. Such a sweet hubby too- leaving notes everywhere. Precious family!

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