Monday, January 19, 2009

Who dat is

A breakthrough.
I am now "Bobby".
Poor kid can't say his MMMMMMs.

No longer She-who-shall-not-be named.

I wonder if he'll shorten it to "Bob" when he's a teenager.


Clyde J Criddle said...

Congrats - you now have a name to answer to when he calls.

North Family Arizona said...

Maybe he thinks of you as a British Cop?

If that's the case then him calling you Bob as a teen wouldn't be so bad. I don't know any, but I hear there are worse names for cops.


Jenny said...

Yeah! You have been waiting for something like this for so long now. Congrats! Maybe that means there is a lot more progress in store.

Thanks for the birthday greetings. I appreciate it. Are you doing anything fun for yours? It's tomorrow right? Hope you have a wonderful day!

Covey and Justin said...

Congratulations! I bet Bobby is music to your ears!

FamilyKolbaba said...

Sure you like it now....but will you still when he says it 387 times a day???

I'm actually thrilled, I may come over this week just to hear it. Although, knowing Jakson, if I were there he would pretend like he's never spoken a word in his life. Faker.

cece said...

Too Cute!

Diana Hawkins said...

Happy day! At least Storey didn't beat him to it ... did she? :)


Mandi said...

Yeah for progress! SO CUTE!!!

Gina said...

I tried to post once and hope this is not a duplicate!! I got a chuckle from your post and I have to tell you why. My brother nicknamed me Gina Bob when we were young. He continues to call me that to this very day. My oldest son picked up on the "Bob" part at a very early age and has called me Bob (instead of Mom) his entire life. He is 20 now. It can be quite funny when he calls Bob in a crowd and I turn around and answer. But, to him it is just natural. And, I would think something was wrong if he called me Mom!!

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