Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GAM update and a project

I figured since it's halfway through the month, I should be halfway done with my goal, right? Unfortunately, the only thing I've actually completed is the crib bumper. And that was last night. So hopefully the remaining parts of this project (quilt, crib skirt, crib paint) won't take as long or Storey won't have a place to sleep until July.

Mainly, I've been working on the crib bedding and Zak has been in charge of the painting. Painting isn't my strong point and sewing isn't his, so it works out. I said before that I had the perfect red and NAVY fabric for the crib bedding, but then we went to IKEA and I fell in love with a different print. Change of plans.The finished crib bumper!! I completed something!!

The quilt backing will be this same fabric as well as the skirt. I guess I could go with something coordinating for the skirt, but it has taken me long enough to finally settle on a fabric and I'm afraid to try and get more creative. More decision making=longer time. And this baby needs someplace to lay her cute, though balding, head.
I've also been trying to clean up and get organized around the house. We have made quite a few changes in the kitchen (pictures and details to come), making fewer places to stash random junk/papers--this is a good thing. As a result, I needed to find a more suitable place for all of the memorabilia that I am saving for the kids. I wanted something that could hold treasures, artwork and certificates, like Jak's "report card" from swimming lessons in an organized way, but a regular file box seemed too small. Instead, I picked up mailing boxes at Staples, labeled one for each kid and stuck a picture on the outside. For quick reference, I put the first letter of each child's name on the side and the years. That way, I can see whose and what at a quick glance when they are on a shelf. I filled them with a copy of their baby announcement, hospital bands, handwritten cards, and that sort of thing. I'm not going to have a separate one for every year (that would be a lot of boxes!), but combine two or three years into a box. Once the kids are older, I'll let them help me decide what special things to keep.

Now if I can only get the 1023 other things done on my To Do list.


Mandi said...

I'm going to steal your idea of keeping boxes for special things. Thanks for sharing!

edith said...

Love your box idea! I have a big envelope folder where I keep my son's artwork from school but this box idea might be a good addition since we have tons of little papers too. And I like the pic of the baby, so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Courtney from mommie blogs said...

I love the keepsake boxes. great idea.

and congrats on the bumper! great job.

Adam and Melissa said...

Love the fabric you chose for the bumper. That much closer to finishing!

esque said...

I love that fabric! Nice choice! Awesome box idea! I got a bunch of tins that would be perfect for this! Off to decorate and fill 'em up with stuff!

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