Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big News

I'll start off by saying, NO, I'm not pregnant. Why do you always think that?!?

And I never even said whether it was good news-just BIG news. Though being pregnant while also raising Jakson and a five month old may not be everyone's idea of good news anyway. And when I'm pregnant and I AM big.... But I digress.

I have two newses (not a word, just go with it). A good news and a bad news. I'm not sure which to give you first, so I have labeled them with big bold letters and I will let you decide which to read first. And if you don't feel like hearing bad news today (or vice versa-maybe you're having a crappy day and don't want to read anything happy), I'm allowing you the option of skipping that section altogether. That should suit everyone.

Good News
Today I received an email informing me that I have been chosen as the new kid craft editor on Craftgossip-a website that compiles craft and DIY ideas from all over the internet!! The most exciting part is the name of the new blog I will be in charge of----Teacher's Lessons! Perfect combination-crafting and education. It will include ideas for parents, professional teachers and homeschoolers to use for hands on and craft ideas that integrate into curriculum. I'm not exactly sure when my first post will go up, but I will let all of you know! I've found some great ideas and planning some fun kid craft giveaways. Stay tuned!!

Bad News
Our family is leaving next week for a little vacation (not the bad news-this is actually VERY good news), so I will be setting my shop to Vacation Mode starting this Friday so that I can get all the orders shipped out before we leave.

As the CPSIA law has not been revised, when I reopen in February, I will do so without any baby/children items in my shop. This includes pouch slings, tutus, capes, onesies and anything else intended for children 12 and under---in other words, most of my shop. If there is something in the shop that you have had your eye on, purchase it before Friday because, unless some MAJOR changes are made in the next two weeks, those products will no longer be available.

Needless to say, I am frustrated, annoyed and sad that this law has not been revised or revoked as I watch many of the other Etsy shops with fabulous children's items get ready to close as well.

In order to get the word out, many of us have added listings to our shops with the post Feb 10th prices, including the cost of the ridiculous lead/phthalate testing, should we decide to continue selling. It is very eye opening. Here's a link to my otherwise $18 shirt and some other children's items. And the prices are very real, based on the actual cost to the creator to get the components tested. If you want to know more about this ridiculous and far reaching law, read here or here or here.


Amy said...

Congrats Mrs. Editor! That's awesome :) Boo on the new law!! Hopefully changes will be made!

[AnnieR] said...

Congratulations on becoming the new editor! That's HUGE!

bethany said...

Okay-wait just wanted to clarify. I'm not the editor of the whole site-just the Teacher's Lessons site....

KatieB said...

where are you going on your trip? tejas?

edith said...

Congrats, Bethany, on the editor for one site position. Good luck! And have fun on your trip.
Yes, the new law will affect my work too. No more bibs4drips or blankets for the little ones. :(

Diana Hawkins said...

How fun for you to get to edit the Teachers Lessons site! You'll do a fantastic job, I'm sure.

Sorry to hear about the new law ... what a bummer! Is there any way it could be changed or revoked anytime soon? It seems ill-considered when applied this way.

cece said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the interview with the spokeswoman for the CPSIA confuse you more than before?

It's so unclear, on "your judgement"
Are you really going to close down your store?

It's just confusing, if the items you are using to make your handmade creations pass the lead value, why close up shop?
To avoid stress, and see the verdict in Feb?

Seth and Peggy said...

I thought you would be interested in this petition from Make Second Hand Kid's Clothes Legal!


You may already know about it. The whole thing is absurd. Don't worry, I'll still secretly buy a sling from your underground shop when we have another kid (no, no "big news" here either).

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