Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yuletide Projects

Advent Calendar
I FINALLY hung my Advent calendar and technically, it's still not finished because I wasn't able to find all of the numbers in magazines. It will be an ongoing project-maybe I'll have it done by next Christmas. I really like the way that it makes the living room look more festive and was really simple to make. I bought small white craft bags, cut the top half off, glued some coordinating fabric scraps to them and numbers from magazines/catalogs, then hung the bags with clothespins on baker's twine. They are in random order and I just have the activity for each day inside. Next year I may add a little piece of Dove chocolate to each one as well. Neighbor Gifts
I had a goal to make neighbor gifts, but didn't want to stand at the oven for three hours baking. I found this really great website with recipes for soups, cookies, and brownies in-a-jar PLUS the printable gift tags to attach--so that's what we made. Overall, it was a quick and tasty gift, but if I ever do a recipe in a jar again, I'll make sure to try it first and add in ingredients I think may be missing.


Mandi said...

I really need to get on the ball next year and make Christmas gifts for our neighbors. How very thoughtful of you!

The target bag pom poms are a cute idea...thanks!

North Family Arizona said...

wow that all looks pretty cutesy.

This is just to show that I can figure things out... I thought that you blog was for invited people only... oops I guess I clicked on the wrong blog the first time...

Thanks for your responses to my blog.


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