Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa came to town

Christmas morning was perfect.

Jakson didn't understand the whole Santa thing well enough to wake us at the crack of dawn, but was so excited to open presents once we got started.
I don't think I'll be able to leave gifts under the tree untouched for weeks
before the 24th next year. He wanted to "help" everyone unwrap their presents.On Christmas Eve, we left out our traditional orange for Santa along with a letter written to the jolly man from Jakson.
His wish list consisted of cars, Pan (aka PETER Pan) and tools.And Dad, as you can see, Santa still peels the orange in one piece.
He practiced all week.This year Santa brought Jakson a tool bench complete with wooden tools.
Our house has been filled with the sound of banging hammers ever since.


North Family Arizona said...

Jackson is such a Manly Man!!!

I love it!

Tools was an awesome idea. Maybe I'll get my girls some tools next year. Nothing like some good gender confusion to make life interesting.

By the way Jackson really likes our Barbie movies yet I think that he may just think that the girls are cute.


Clyde J Criddle said...

Only the "real" Santa can peal an orange in one piece. I'm glad he made it to your house.

cece said...

One year for Christmas, my brother got a tool set. He loved it so much that every screw in the house became fair game to his new found screw removing skills. My mom had enough when the coffee table fell apart when she leaned on it! Here's to hoping Jakson doesn't do that! Happy New Year!

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