Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goal A Month-GAM '09

goal (\ˈgōl): the end toward which effort is directed

Every New Year I make lists of adjustments that need to be made, resolutions that need to be set, and weight I need to lose, but by week two of January I am back to my old ways and nothing has changed.

This year will be different.

In 2009 I am not going to make any New Year's Resolutions. Actually, I lied. I am making ONE New Year's Resolution---I will set a monthly goal AND follow through!

That's it.

Sound attainable? I'd love to have you join me! Then we can encourage and share what we have created, become, and organized in our lives. And we can copy each other :)

I call my resolution GAM '09 or Goal A Month (Zak refers to it as "Getting GAMorous"). And it can be anything you choose. Big or small.

Some ideas for 30 day goals
  • Organize bedroom closet
  • Freeze six meals
  • Finish baby scrapbook for your 3 year old
  • Create a habit of reading scriptures everyday
  • Collect a 72 hour kit for your family
  • Increase sales through three new advertising avenues
  • Sew pillows for your couches
  • Nag husband until he finishes wood flooring (not sure if this really counts :))
  • Decorate/paint living room
  • Learn yoga
  • Read four books
  • Bathe at least three times a week
  • Open that darn Etsy shop
  • Kick the soda habit
  • Donate toys the kids don't play with
And the list goes on!! The best part is that you JUST CHOOSE ONE every month!

Some of the goals may be ongoing such as scripture reading. You don't want to read for 30 days and forget it after that, but the great part is that a month is plenty of time to create a habit!! Once your month is up, it will be easy to continue that new habit and move on to your next goal.

Others may be a one time deal---like decorating your living room. Unless you have a ton of money and are incredibly indecisive, that won't be happening over and over again.

At the beginning of every month, I'll announce my goal then let you know my progress or post pictures of the finished product towards the end. If you would like to join in, leave your goal in the comments section or a link (if you have one) to your completed projects. I'd love to see them!

I have so many goals that I want to set that I am still trying to decide which one I will choose for January. I have three more days to ponder and so do you!!


Mandi said...

I LOVE this idea!!! Count me in!

Seth and Peggy said...

Uh Beth...Decorate/paint living room? It's already straight out of the Pottery Barn! But that is a good idea. My dad used to do it with us as kids. We hated it then but now it sounds ingenious!

Sabrina said...

Love it and you can certainly count me in. Now I have to come up with my you said, there are SOOOO many. Thanks for sharing!

North Family Arizona said...

WOW, Holly and I are in!

Great Idea and Great post.

I love the goal to shower 3 times a week...

We need to get more GAMorous.

Dawn said...

OK ... you've got me ... I'm in!!!

My goal for January is to lose 4kg, walk 40 minutes at least 5 days a week, and stick to my low GI menu (not a fan of the word diet).

Adam and Melissa said...

Sign me up... I need to kick my soda habit for good!

MaryAnne said...

Great idea! My goal for January is to make a tutu skirt to give my daughter for her birthday in February.

And to get started organizing, but the tutu skirt is a concrete idea that (I hope) is simple to execute!

esque said...

I love your idea! I am always having trouble keeping NYE resolutions, but I bet I could keep 'em on a monthly basis! Count me in!


Shari B. said...

Yep I agree!!! I want to get my website up for my digital scrapbook designs, so this month it's going to happen! 2009 YEAH!!!

Noggy said...

I've had a blogger account since 2007 but I have never blogged. My goal for January is to start my blog beginning this weekend...I have an idea as we speak. Just have to work out the layout. I'm really a newbie with all this stuff. I surf the net incessantly but have never really set up a page other than My Space and even that was pre-formated for me. Wish me luck!

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