Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A few days behind

I really wanted to make an intricate Advent calendar like this or this to count down the days leading up to Christmas with Jakson, but my good intentions never turned into anything tangible. I realize that it's already Day Three of December, so I've decided to use those other ideas for next year and make something simpler for 2008. Thank goodness for Google searches. I haven't quite finished, but I used these advent banners as inspiration.
Each envelope in my advent calendar will include an activity for the family to do together, many of them centered around service and Christ. I think that the whole Santa side of Christmas is really fun, especially while the kids are little (even though Jakson doesn't get it AT ALL-there goes my idea of finally using the age old "Be good or Santa won't come" threat), but they'll get a lot of that at school and on TV, so I want to make sure that they are still often reminded the true reason that we celebrate Christmas. I'll post a picture of the completed project in the next couple of days.

Obviously my ideas are geared toward extremely young children and our geographic area (no sledding here!), but these are the activities that are going in each envelope in case you want to start a similar tradition (and if I publish it on the blog then I'm really committed to it, right?)

1. pick out a Christmas tree for Family Home Evening
2. decorate said tree
3. order Christmas cards
4. watch the Muppet Christmas Carol
5. see the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple
6. hang stockings
7. attend the First Presidency Christmas Devotional
8. get names from the Angel Tree at Walmart and buy toys to give to children for Family Home Evening
9. send out Christmas cards to friends and family
10. go to Borders and pick out another book to add to our collection
11. Hanukkah coloring page
12. write postcard to support the troops
13. make a gingerbread house (this is a pie in the sky idea-it may be replaced with something easier)
14. make hand print wreath
15. Glendale Glitters for Family Home Evening
16. watch the old school Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph
17. have a picnic next to the Christmas tree
18. write letters to Santa to leave out on Christmas Eve
19. Nativity coloring page
20. make neighbor gifts (TBD)
21. watch Joy to the World-order a copy for your family-free!!
22. give out neighbor gifts for Family Home Evening
23. make and decorate sugar cookies with Aunt Katy
24. read about Christ's birth in St. Luke. Put out an orange for Santa (this is what my family always did, although I'm not sure the reason why-maybe Santa needs his 5 a day?)

We're continuing our book a day tradition, although we still don't quite have 24 books...

I'd love to hear other ideas that you might have-always looking for next year!! I've already found one tradition that I want to start-The Jesus Tree. Thanks for the great idea Mandi!


Katy said...

Yay! I made the advent calender. I totally official in this family. You bet I will be there with every color of frosting you can imagine. I just do not know if you want me to frost Vermillion style. Which usually ends with mom putting frosting on someone's face, or getting mad at us because we have all gotten A.D.D. and have lost interest in frosting cookies and moved to bigger and better things offs or leg wars.

j&krosser said...

Hey we thought of going to the Temple lights tomorrow too. Call me if you want to meet up somewhere. Oh and if you want to go sledding there is a standing offer for you to come up here when it snows!

Adam and Melissa said...

I love those advent calendars. I may have to try one. I love all those ideas you have to do for this month also. And the Jesus tree is so cool. We are doing this for our neighbors. Simple, handmade! and thoughtful. check it out

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