Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas cards

Our first three Christmases as a married couple, Zak and I spent a few nights each December designing, cutting and gluing to create cards to send out to our friends and family- we were so cute like that. But, last year I had enough coupon codes from Shutterfly to get 50 FREE cards and so decided that for ONE year, I would neglect my crafty side and relieve Zak of his scissors duty. Well, it was so easy and they turned out so nice that I just can't bring myself to hand make cards this year.

I added the Christmas card decision to our Advent calendar knowing that if I didn't go it early, it wouldn't happen. After looking all over the internet for cheap prices, I finally decided that the most cost efficient way of having photo cards made was to purchase a custom design from an Etsy shop and then printing it off as a 5 x7 through Artscow-a new photo printing website similar to Shutterfly/Snapfish- for only .12 a piece!! After registering for an Artscow account, I quickly realized that I was actually going to be able to get my 50 cards for FREE-just pay shipping (5.99). So my the total for all of my cards ended up being $20-whereas the cheapest through Walmart/Shutterfly/Costco would have been between $35-$40!! And I got to customize the card however I wanted-replacing the phrase"Happy Holidays" with "Merry Christmas", etc.

Not only that but Artscow also gave me HUNDREDS of free credits for products including photo books, calendars, large prints just for creating an account with them!! I'm waiting to get the cards to see the quality, but I may have found the perfect place to print off our recent family pictures to display around the house. And the best part was that I did it from my couch in just a matter of minutes-I didn't have to drag my kids to the store to buy supplies, pick up prints, etc.

Here are a few of the shops that were in the Christmas card running this year (link above each card):
Lil' Bean Sprout

Paper Ramma
Less Ordinary Designs
West Willow Designs

After much deliberation, the winning card came from Thirty One Designs. I sent my pictures/custom text and had the proof sent back to me within minutes! The customer service was fabulous and Fernanda answered all of my questions about printing right away. I'm converted. I don't think I'll ever be "making" cards again. I won't show you the exact card we purchased (what would be the fun in that?) but here are a few examples from Thirty One Designs

BTW-If we were REALLY cool, we'd skip the photo card altogether and send you this. We have not hit that caliber of cool.


Erin said...

I don't think I'll EVER hit that caliber of cool...what a fun idea! I'm going to check out that website you found too...I love it when places give you a ton of credits just for signing up!

Danielle said...

Thanks for the tip, these are darling designs, now if I can only get my kids to cooperate!

Cathe Holden said...

Great Post! You win the award for Cutest Blog Header EVER!!

Danielle said...

Okay so I used artscow and was wondering how long it took to get your cards. I'm running a little short on time!

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