Sunday, December 07, 2008

An Advent Update

Still haven't finished that dang Advent calendar (it's my one goal for today-lofty, I know), but we've still been keeping up with all of the activities .

This week we:

*bought a Christmas tree

and managed to get it on the car without tying ourselves out.

*decorated the Christmas tree
Jakson "helped" by hanging all of the ornaments within a 5 inch radius. I had to go back during nap time and unclump the ornaments.

*went to see the lights at the Mesa Temple with our friends the Rossers
Kayda and Jakson haven't seen a lot of each other because the Rossers live in Payson, but made up for lost time getting into trouble together
Kit, Kolby (in sling) and me
The beautiful Mesa Temple-really the pictures don't do the light display justice...

We had a change of plans after receiving an invitation to attend the APS Electrical Parade (definitely going on the list for next year!) last night with the Norths, but we're putting up the rest of our Christmas decorations tonight, including the stockings. I'm excited to get our house all decked out for the holidays!!


Anne said...

Pretty pictures and cute kids. So did you and Kit coordinate the jeans, black shirt, tan jacket thing?

Julie said...

We totally have the same star on top of our tree! I heart Target.

j&krosser said...

It does look like we tried to coordinate our outfits. Thanks for the fun night!

hayley said...

Hey Beth! I just found your blog when I saw pictures of you and kit on her blog. WHat a beautiful family you have and I really like your blog:)

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