Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost and Found

Lost: Storey's ability to fit into 0-3 month clothes. I think I still have things she's never even worn. She's growing so much faster than Jakson did/does. He was still wearing 3-6 month swim shorts last summer!

Found: A naptime!! It's about time. I wasn't sure how many more days I could handle a screaming baby. Not only that, but she was starting to lose her voice.
Storey's "being tickled is so fun" face.

Lost: Jakson's car bed-we got the stink out, but then he wouldn't go to bed and between his craziness and her screaming, this mom was going to lose it. So we lost the bed instead.

Found and bought: A singing Veggietales toothbrush. Something every kid needs. I've concluded from the moaning noises that accompany Larry's singing that Jakson is probably tone deaf.

Lost: my temper at my ridiculous sewing machine while finishing the aforementioned quilt top that Zak was taking apart.

Found: happiness when the lady at Joann's offered me the Black Friday price PLUS 10% off on Wednesday. No lines, no wait, shiny new sewing machine.
Nothing fancy, but it does the job!

Lost: I wish I could say a few pounds here, but I think I've actually found some more pounds laying around and picked them up to wear permanently. Dang cherry pie.


Mandi said...

I love this post!
Congratulations on the new sewing machine...I hope it helps you maintain your sanity. (:
I forgot to mention on your last post that you look beautiful in that photo with Jakson!

Adam and Melissa said...

What a fun picture of Storey being tickeled!! I love when babies start to have personalitites. Where did you get the singing toothbrush? Carter would love one.

Bonnie Mills said...

Too funny. Nice on getting the sewing machine, someone is looking out for you. =) I really like the lost and found theme.

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