Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Recent Discoveries

Yesterday I discovered that after almost 7 years, some of my sixth graders still have my cell phone number memorized. That's right-as a naive first year teacher, I gave out my phone number. Not to students, to parents, but inevitably the number ended up in the wrong hands and I became the recipient of many Friday night prank calls. Don't worry, I learned my lesson. Not only that, but on field trips, my number was shouted by said prank callers to any and all males who looked to be over the age of 13 in an attempt to get me dates. Thank goodness I have a sense of humor. Last night a couple of the sixth graders, now turned seniors, texted me. I like to think of myself as up on technology and all that, but my phone is severely lacking in the texting features-partly because it's been dropped in the toilet so many times by a certain little person who shall remain unnamed. I would get a text and then five minutes later, after practically breaking my fingernails off in an attempt to jam stuck numbers down, I would send a three word answer back. The sad thing is, I bet these guys still don't know how to spell, but with all the abbreviated text lingo, it's pretty hard to tell.
Another discovery---my bloggy friend Mique started a site called 30 Handmade Days full of awesome craft tutorials and fun giveaways (I'll be giving away a sling on her site in the next couple of months-look for an announcement!)! I think it is my new favorite blog-I could spend hours looking through her posts!! To get you started here's her post on Fall/Halloween crafts!!

And speaking of giveaways, my friend Sabrina just opened her new Etsy shop, Noodles and Milk and is celebrating with a giveaway of $25 towards anything in her shop! Her stuff is so cute, you must take a look!
Just in time for HalloweenSo adorable for a little boy!Enter here.


Amanda said...

hahaha, oh man. That's kind of funny that you've got those kids calling. I bet you really did learn your lesson now! haha Note to self: Never give phone number children. As for those texts, I'm sure someday children are going to think they're spelling things correctly with all those abbreviations and stuff. lol

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