Monday, October 20, 2008

On the town...

Saturday night we drove across town to Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa for dinner. Every time I Google Fun things to do with kids in Phoenix (you'd be surprised how often this happens at our house) Organ Stop is one of the most common answers. We wanted to get out of the house and away from tutus, so decided to try it.

I had read reviews from previous customers who said that the pizza was disgusting, so my expectations weren't high, but it was better than Cici's (I guess that's not saying much) and the garlic bread was pretty good, although I'm not sure how anyone could screw that up
. The organ playing, on the other hand, was amazing. And Jakson loved watching the organ pipes-he was trying to figure out how it worked (not shocking for those who know him) and was enthralled by the cat puppets that danced during a couple of the songs. Zak and I were able to eat in relative peace (read: no one landed in our salads). Zak made the comment that it is a great place for kids because the organ was so loud that your they can scream and the music drowns them out. BTW-I wouldn't eat here if I was having a romantic night out, but seeing as Jakson and Storey sort of kill all potential romance, it was great!

If you're looking for something to do:
Organ Stop Pizza
1149 E. Southern Avenue
Mesa, AZ


j&krosser said...

You know I have always wanted to try that place out and never did. Maybe- someday.

Vanessa said...

I ate at one of those places in Vegas once. It was a cool experience, but I agree about the pizza.

Maylene said...

Ok...this is totally random! My family was in town (and my Grandma) and so we went there on Friday night! I had never even heard of it but I guess they are really into stuff like that so they dragged me and the girls there. Sydney and Sophie loved it though. It wasn't too bad, although, I'll admit I wasn't so sure when we drove up...there was a really long line of people that looked like they were at least over 75.

Shenna said...

I love this place! I went once when I lived out in Mesa and it was so much fun. I had completely forgotten about it until just now. Thanks for reminding me it existed!

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