Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!!

Today when I checked my email, I found this:

I have one a horse lovey blanket my son does not really play with and won't miss if you are still looking for one! Debbie

and this:

I found this listing on Ebay. OK. I know it's not the horse, but it may be a similar color and the giraffe looks close. You could tell Jakson it's the horse resurrected into it's perfect state. I thought it could be a possibility. Good luck- I'll try to look a little more. Love, Anna
But look!! The giraffe is actually a horse (do you see why we referred to the thing as ANIMAL?) just like our favorite friend!! I now have two new BFFs-Debbie and Anna! I'm going to take both, that way I'll have a back up in case this should ever happen again. Or maybe I'll substitute Animal 2 for Animal 3 once in awhile and wash the nasty thing without Jakson throwing a fit in front of the washing machine the whole time.

My sanity is especially grateful for the Internet today.


Amanda said...

Yeah! I'm so relieved for you!

Adam and Melissa said...

I have seriously lost sleep thinking of how you are dealing with a sad little boy without his Animal! I agree taht you should get both. I also have to wash Carter's blankie when he is not looking otherwise there is a lot of tears shed. Drive safe tomorrow!

j&krosser said...

Hooray for people who buy the same bizarre things as you! (I do mean that in a good way)

Mandi said...

HOORAY! This has taught me a very vauable lesson for the future should Baby D become attached to a certain "friend"...BUY AT LEAST TWO!!! (:

Brit said...

What a relief! I tried implementing a "double" with my son's Blankie, but he knew that is wasn't his just by smelling it. He took one whiff and he told me it wasn't his! I couldn't believe it! Luckily we found blankie stuffed in a cupboard a few days later. Good luck!

The Beadles said...

Another Reason to LOVE blogging!!! Yipee

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