Thursday, October 16, 2008


Visitors are not welcome living room looks like this
Apparently EVERYONE wants a tutu for Halloween and I'm determined to get them all out in time. My house has once again turned into a sweatshop.

Later, I may venture out for a supplies trip to Joann's. If you see me with pieces of tulle stuck to my butt, please let me know.

How embarrassing.


Mandi said...

Those tutus are super cute! Does Storey have one in every color? (:

Amanda said...

They are very cute! Good luck on getting them all out on time! And I hope you don't get tulle stuck to your butt. hehe

The Beadles said...
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The Beadles said...

Good luck with the tutus! They're super cute!! BTW, I LLLOOOVVEEE Your post about the proposition!!! it's great to hear someone who isn't afraid to speak up against what she believes in, no matter WHAT it is!!! :D

Danielle said...

When do you have time to do all this? You are amazing!! And Mandi is right, those tutus are darling!

FamilyKolbaba said...

Well, shoot. I was going to come over and borrow something from you today....when will the house be accepting guests?

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