Monday, September 15, 2008

This and That

  • Our pantry shelves were looking a little bare and rather than bust open the food storage, I made the decision to attempt my first grocery store run with TWO children. It was fairly successful--meaning everyone came out unscathed. I strapped Jakson in (his favorite grocery store game is "knock all of the cans of the shelves"-not one I was in the mood for today) and wore Storey in the pouch. She slept. He ate overpriced Cheez-its that I grabbed off the shelf in desperation once the free cookie was devoured. I would say this isn't going to be so hard, but there's no wood within reach to knock on, so I'll keep my mouth shut.
  • Jakson has a new obsession with stickers. The Disney ones he is sporting in the pictures below were stuck to the sliding glass door before ending up on his shirt. Before he was willing to go to the store, he had to peel them all off (with a lot of whining and subsequent help from Mommy) and add them to his attire. He has yet to replace them on the back door -fingers crossed that he won't due to the fact that their sticky residue is difficult to scrape off.

  • The camera we bought last November suddenly stopped working this weekend. Thankfully I had stashed our old one in a storage box, but we went from 7 megapixels to 3. Now I have to go through the hassle of sending it to the manufacturer to get it fixed. What is the deal with our family and faulty electronic equipment?
  • Thanks to those of you who have inquired after my parents in Houston. The biggest issue for them right now is that they have had no electricity since Friday. My dad claims that he is "hunting and gathering" and remarked that there are quite a few dead squirrels around. I'll just pretend that he didn't mean to use those two statements in the same sentence. Other than a few less branches on the trees surrounding the house, they are faring as well as possible when you're only eating meals from a metal can. Or, um, squirrels.


Matt & Brooke said...

Welcome to the world of grocery shopping with 2...enjoy the ride:) Glad your parents are okay!

Caroline said...

Hey Beth! Yeah, I have good memories of that place, too, until I remember the sewage backing up into our shower like 5 times. So gross. I totally do remember being up on the roof in the rain, though, trying to help you guys fix it. Ahh, the good old times! Oh, and I remember taking some cookies out of the oven, not having a place to put the pan, and then realizing that the potholder was too thin and my hand was burning so I ended up having to put them on the (carpeted) kitchen floor. Those airbake hash marks in the carpet were a nice addition, I think.

Anyways, Storey is adorable! Congrats on your sweet little girl! And no, Ryan doesn't usually sleep with a hairbrush.

Shenna said...

Congratulations on surviving the first grocery store adventure! Jeff said he didn't see you on Sunday for the CD. Maybe it's just better that I get it when I get back. :)

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