Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guilty until proven innocent

Jakson devours books. Not always in a good I love books kind of way. More like an I'm really hungry.   I think I'll take a chunk out of this picture book kind of way.  Here are a couple of his most recent victims.  

As a result, he is no longer allowed to take books to bed.  He suddenly becomes ravenous while in his crib and apparently can't help himself.  Jakson has gained a terrible reputation of eating non-food items because of his lack of self-control.  

Case in point:
Our friends, the Browns, invited us over for dinner the other night.  
Jakson and his friend Carter Brown

Never one to pass up a good meal that I didn't have to make, we gladly accepted and arrived at the designated hour towing Jakson and Storey along.  Jakson promptly found the toys and due to the lack of screaming, we assume the boys are playing nicely.  About ten minutes into the visit, Jakson  brings me a saliva covered object that once was a foam dart (think Nerf).  It was a foam dart until someone took a big bite out of it.  Embarrassed at our son's apparent starvation and the fact that he just ruined someone else's toy, we apologize profusely and send Jakson to the corner with a scolding.
About two minutes later,  Carter walks over to his mother on the couch and spits the other half of the foam dart Jakson had allegedly eaten into her hand.  Hurriedly, I remove Jak from the corner, confess that I had accused him wrongly (something he obviously already knew),  backing my rashness up with the logic that if he wouldn't eat things he wasn't supposed to, I wouldn't assume things and then we start to laugh.  And laugh and laugh.  Jakson just stares at us with leftover crocodile tears in his eyes.  I don't think he gets the joke.

If only someone had told us that parenting was this ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous....I've had to change FOUR disgustingly dirty diapers today, one of which Jakson ended up in the bathtub for-it was that bad.  
Seriously, who knew that little people could poop so much?  You miss out on so much when you're at work Zak....
Can you believe she is almost six weeks old already?!?


Anne said...

I'm so glad you can laugh about it. After all, sometimes there's nothing else you can do.

FamilyKolbaba said...

That picture of him in the corner is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And now, when Jakson grows up, the news media will have something to show during the trial. I love that kid.

Adam and Melissa said...

I am still laughing about the nerf dart incident :) I hate POOP.

Julie said...

What is it with boys and destroying things????

I love what Mandi said.......too funny!

Adam and Melissa said...

In that picture, our boys blonde blue-eyed boys look alomst like they could be related! Story is adorable! I am still jealous of her hair.

Clyde J Criddle said...

Did you ever think that eating books is one way to get fiber into a person's diet? Maybe that explains the diapers! Hmmmm - maybe I should try it!

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