Monday, September 01, 2008

Nie Nie Day Auction Closed. I'm Astounded.

When I started the auction for the baby clothes quilt at $50 for Nie Nie Day, I thought that it might, MIGHT get up to $100. If anyone bid on it that is---something I was doubtful about. I should have had more faith in the kindness and generosity of people because the quilt went to the highest bidder, Tracie, at $700!! WOW!

In fact, the blogging community has raised an enormous amount of money ($6,000 just between my blog and 4 others!!) for the Nielsons and the auctions still have not ended. According to Design Mom, there are over 300 auctions across blogland and many continue to be added every day. If your faith in the goodness of people had dwindled at all, this should renew it.

I am now offering these fabulous custom quilts in my Etsy shop. If you were a bidder in my auction and still want a quilt, when you order let me know that you bid and I will donate 10% of the price to the Nielson Recovery Fund. If you have any questions about the quilt or how Etsy works, please email me at bethanycr {AT} gmail {DOT} com.

If you still want to get involved, but aren't sure how, please take a look at the Jonathan Canlas Photography blog. He's an AMAZING photographer and is going to be donating 100%-that's right, ALL of the proceeds from every family photo session during the month of September!! So get those family photos taken!


Danielle said...

I'm going to feature these tomorrow on Tutus!

Audra Bollard said...

I'm so glad you did this. I've been following this story ever since DM mentioned it and it has touched me many times. (And, you are amazing doing this right after giving birth!)

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