Friday, August 15, 2008

One Week

We went a little crazy with the camera today, so if you are not a grandparent/aunt/uncle, I apologize for the excessiveness.

One week old. Almost back at her birth weight. Today she weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces.

Trying to catch flies. Extra vitamins.
How does she sleep like this without getting a crick in her neck?

Things you may be curious about....

  • Jakson is still shunning his sister, although we did have a major breakthrough today when he patted Storey on the back while Zak was burping her. He was watching a movie at the same time and I'm not sure if he was fully aware of what he was doing, but I'll take it.
  • Storey's umbilical cord fell off this morning, so we took advantage of the situation and washed away the milk deposits that have been building up in her neck rolls. Bath time was a total bust.
  • Yes, she may have a future career as an Elvis impersonator (look at that hair!!). Between Jakson working for Cirque de Soliel and Storey at the wedding chapel, looks like we'll be vacationing in Vegas quite a bit.
A little craftiness
  • Storey is wearing a little skirt that I sewed for her. Little girl things are so fun to make!
  • I got this cap in the mail today from Warm and Fuzzy Baby. I absolutely LOVE it! It's a little too warm (and too big) right now, but in October it will be perfect!


Anonymous said...

You made my day with this photo. She looks absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for mentionning my shop.

Enjoy your little ones.

Adam and Melissa said...

Love the pictures!! She is so stinking cute... I am so jealous of her hair. My girl is pretty bald. I am glad to hear Jakson touched her and it was a gentle experience! Hope you are doing well. I am free mon and tuesday if you want Jak to come over.

Vanessa said...

She is so percious!! keep posting lots of pics, of both kids. Jak is getting so big!

Kerry said...

I'm in love! She's precious, and I adore that strawberry cap! Glad Jakson's warmed up a bit. ; )

KatieB said...

she is so cute! great job on the skirt!

The Ibarra's said...

Congratulations she is so cute. I love the skirt you made you are so creative.

Storm said...

She's just precious! Lucky little girl with all that hair!

lindsay said...

she is so cute! i LOVE that hat. it's a hard adjustment at first to have two but believe me, it gets better. anyways, what a doll.

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