Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little Stitches

Awhile ago I checked out Amy Butler's In Stitches from the library, but found it hard to really use because I couldn't cut out the patterns, etc. I saw her new book, Little Stitches for Little Ones positively reviewed on a couple of blogs and decided to get it as a "Push Present" for myself. At least that was the excuse for my frivolous purchase.
I was excited to find that one of the patterns included was for kimono pajamas. I think nightgowns are really practical for Storey, but sometimes the neck is so skinny that they are hard to stretch over her head, frustrating the both of us. I took the pattern for the kimono pajama top and added a few extra inches to the bottom to make it into a gown. It is so much easier to get on!! And she's a stylish girl now when she's sleeping!!
Storey is two weeks today-can you believe it?!? Time flies!!

My Analysis:
The book includes a lot of patterns that I could easily find as a tutorial online for free (not the exact Amy Butler patterns, but something similar). It did make it easier to finish a project quickly because I had the paper pattern pieces-made for less trial and error, something I find myself doing a lot with online tuts. There are a couple of really cute patterns-one for a snuggle wrap blanket with a hood and one for an empire waist kimono top (not to be confused with the kimono pajamas) that I've never seen anywhere else. I hope to make a couple of those at some point. One thing I was slightly disappointed about-the patterns only go up to 12 month sizes, so I won't be able to use any of them for Jakson. I didn't realize that when the title said "Little Ones" it really meant LITTLE. But overall, I am really happy with the book-I'd totally recommend it to anyone who wants to whip up some cute baby items! Below is an abridged list of the patterns included.

Projects included:
Snuggle Wrap Blanket
Modern Crib Set-pillow sham, fitted sheet, crib skirt, crib bumper
Bed Bugs-essentially stuffed animals
Kimono Style PJs
Jumper dress
Military style hat (very very cute!!)
Girls simple cap
Velcro booties-also adorable-haven't seen this one online either!
Kimono empire waist top
Travel bibs with a storage case
Couple of diaper bags (one with a changing pad pattern as well)
Patchwork quilt
Laundry bag
Changing tabletop mat
Little toys like soft building blocks
A couple of scrapbooky type items


Adam and Melissa said...

Oh my goodness that is way to adorable :) How stylish definately. I would love to steal a copy of the pattern....

Adam and Melissa said...

The pj pattern and even the pattern for the gown you created would be so nice of you!!!! How much was the patterns book?

Melissa said...

Fun! So do you like the book? I saw that it was out, and I have "In Stitches", but I just want to know if the projects are good.

Erin said...

that is SUCH a good idea!

Jen and Reed said...

You do have a beautiful baby. Can't wait to see her. How are you holding up with 2 little ones around now? I'm glad Jakson is finally coming around to Storey. Tell your parents I said hello and to visit/comment on my blog darn it! I miss the family.

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