Monday, July 14, 2008


Let's be honest-I don't like baby showers. The first time I encountered the joys of a baby shower was as a sophomore in college. Cheesiness abounded. It frightened me that women would purposely put themselves in a position where they had to smell different candy bars crushed up in diapers enough that I did not attend another baby shower for 5 years. I figured in the 2000's, baby showers would be different-maybe more "modern" and sans candy encrusted diapers. I was wrong.

My opinion of typical baby showers has really never improved, mostly because of my bad attitude and I've never wanted to be the recipient of one-I hate being stared at while I open presents. :) But on Saturday, my friend Holly threw me an "un-shower" or as she called it a "Girl's Day Out"-my very first baby celebration and it was PERFECT. It was totally low key-----a few friends met us at a nearby Mexican restaurant and we ate and laughed for a couple of hours. There was a fabulous lack of cheesy games and no staring (and there wasn't even any pink!!) ! It would have not been more flawless had I planned it for myself!! Thanks Holly!!

The perfect host (Holly) and me.

Katy (Zak's sister) spent the weekend with us, helping out with baby preparations.

An action shot-won't they be glad that I posted this on the web?!?

Thanks guys!!


Melissa said...

How fun! I so wish I could've gone. Having the baby on firday kinda ruined that plan :) Are you ready to have her yet? What name have you guys chose??

KatieB said...

glad you had fun!

Audra Bollard said...

You look cute Bethy!

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