Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Favorite Wall (and a video for G-parents)

This weekend, in an attempt to create more space in Jak's room for the new baby, we began putting some of the toys and books into the "playroom."

While I was in college, I learned about Jim Trelease's research about "face-out"books (very interesting-it's worth the read!) and gutter bookshelves. The idea is that illustrators and graphic designers are paid to create colorful, interesting covers because it encourages readers to choose that book, so why not use the covers to your advantage as a teacher or parent? I do this as an adult at bookstores or the library before I will take a book home with me--if cover looks boring, I assume the book is boring as well (there are obviously exceptions to this rule) . I really feel like the concept works and that my students read a lot more because they were able to be tempted by the cover of the book. I used gutters in the classroom: and I wanted to do the same type of thing at home, but Zak felt that gutters were a little too casual. We found these shallow shelves at IKEA and decided to use them instead. I love the way that they turned out!! It is my new favorite wall!

And as promised, a little something for the grandparents (not sure why it's a little blurry-sorry):


Shenna said...

That's awesome! I've been trying and trying for like a year to get gutter-like shelves in Madison's room. Jeff's not quite on board with it (due to the cutting and such involved with actual gutters) - I may just take a trip down to Ikea myself and make it a secret little trip. :)

Jefferson said...

Wow, he is much more verbal than when we saw him last.
"ZAK!!!" is great!

The Askeroths said...

Very interesting about book covers. I do the same thing when we're at the library. If I don't like the cover, we don't get it. I'm sure we've missed out on some great books because I didn't like the cover illustrations.

When we were still in Vegas and Cali was moving into her big girl room, I had my one and only artistic inspiration and used a bunch of book covers the school library was going to toss out to cover one of her walls. It was very, very cool. And yes, I only used the covers that had illustrations that I liked :)

Jen and Reed said...

Love the video...and the book wall. I'm so jealous of all your pretty books.

Has anyone else seen a pregnant picture of Bethany?...cuz I just can't seem to find one. :)

Melissa said...

That's way cool Beth, you're such the little decorator, I love it.

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