Saturday, July 12, 2008

Capture the moment

Jakson was "helping" Zak texture the walls in the room under the stairs (also known as RUTS) this morning but obviously more of the stuff got on Jak than on the wall. At the same time, Katy (Zak's sister) had been upstairs moving all of the furniture in Jakson's room to the middle, preparing for a new paint job. Unfortunately, at the exact moment that I snapped this picture in order to document his messiness, Jakson noticed that his room had been dismantled. You can see Zak trying to explain it to him in the background. Jakson does not like change (one of the few things he inherited from me) and his reaction was not pretty----poor kid, he has no idea what is going to hit him in the next month.


+AM+ said...


it's a good thing my name isn't wes right? because in provo, i am part of that crew of byu grads who heads off to business/dental/medical/law school. haha.

i think if it were an arizona blog, the husband's name would be:

brad/david/eric/cody (BDEC)

because i have bunches of those names in my phone.


peace out homepiece

Shenna said...

Poor little guy. I hope he gets used to things quickly!!

Erin said...

OMG...priceless :)

KatieB said...

ooh, it's going to get uglu!

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