Saturday, July 19, 2008

Be warned

Since we are having so many grandmas and grandpas come to visit us in the next month, I want to warn you about the new "game" at our house. It is called SLEEP-so named because Jakson refuses to speak and give it a different, more creative title. This game begins with Jakson climbing into his crib and throwing out every stuffed animal and blanket that he insists on sleeping with. Once the crib is empty, he uses the mattress as a trampoline for a few minutes and then climbs out. He turns on the CD player and the fan (to set the mood for sleep, I guess) and then drags an unsuspecting victim into the room. Due to the fact that he is non-verbal, we only know it is time for the game SLEEP when he pulls us down to the floor and then pushes on our back to indicate "lie down". From here the game becomes pretty self-explanatory. You are handed a stuffed animal-usually "Red"-to cuddle with and you must close your eyes. Jakson will usually make you comfortable by spreading a blanket over top. Don't try to sit up because only Jakson is allowed to roam freely-you must lie quietly.

This is a fabulous game for people who are 9 months pregnant or really old, like Grandpas. If you are actually trying to get something done, it can be pretty annoying because this game has been known to last up to 45 minutes.

I would take a picture of SLEEP, but I can't because my eyes are supposed to be closed.


+AM+ said...

sounds like my kinda kid. my mom tried to get me to sleep better with the futile aid of our pediatric physician. it turns out some kids just don't get tired right.

my parents used my dad's large engine chevy to lull me to sleep. this has taken long term consequences as now, road trips consist of me falling asleep = not the driver.

Clyde J Criddle said...

Will I get a pillow for the game. I'm looking forward to it!

bethany said...

You get a stuffed zebra for under your head-don't worry, he makes you very very comfortable. Sometimes it starts out a "pretend" game and then it becomes real because I fall asleep :)

quitecontrary1977 said...

he's probably chuckling to himself all the while..

j&krosser said...

I like the sound of this game. I can "pretend" to sleep. Unfortunately when I try to lay down my child says "wake up mommy!" until I get up.

Erin said...

Ask Jakson if I can play

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