Sunday, June 08, 2008

Things I Love-Freecycle

If you haven't signed up for, stop reading and do it NOW. It's super easy and there are groups EVERYWHERE (even Hershey, PA). You just search for a local group here . Then scroll through the listings and find something for FREE that someone else is getting rid of. You can even request items and pass along your unwanted treasures.

And if you're not convinced, here is the stuff I scored just this week....
30 Dr. Brown's bottles-worth over $100-these are the BEST bottles by the way!!

and tomorrow I'm picking up SEVEN unopened cans of Similac-worth almost $200!!

I saved $300-thanks Freecycle!!


Amanda XOX said...

Hey Zak,

It's Amanda (way back from Harmony Ward.)

I tripped upon your blog. I love Freecycle too! We've got a BBQ, bookshelves, kid clothes, and have cleared out lots of space as well. I keep meaning to blog about Freecycle so thanks for the inspiration =o) Cute fam!

Sabrina said...

Sweet! Thanks for the tip Bethany. I can't wait to join and check out what they have.

Browns said...

so i finallyh joined. hopefully i can find some free stuff too!

ohhollyf said...

That is a major score, way to go. Check out my score on my blog, Holly

Em said...

I love Freecycle! I have gotten some really great fabrics and cloth diapers from there... and I've been able to get rid of things I didn't want to just donate too - like formula, I even got rid of some liriope plants that were in my way - I was pg at the time and put in the offer posting "you dig" the offending plants were all gone within 3 days! . You really lucked out getting those bottles and the formula!

The Motherboard said...

Freecycle is the da bomb!

Do you have a goodreads account? Mine is on my blog... I have you for the summer reading swap!!
Go books!

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